Hi, I have a 1981 2.0L VW Vanagon (air-cooled) with an automatic transmission. This van is a project that I am working on with my dad, and it will be my first car. The previous owner removed the fuel injection (and all accompanying components) and put on two 34mm Weber carburetors. We took the engine apart and put on new rings and heads as the engine was running on two cylinders when we got it. It has since been put back in the vehicle and we had a more experienced mechanic set the timing and tune it correctly. The van runs fine and sounds great, but seems to be lacking the acceleration of some other Vanagon's I've driven. Today we took it for a test drive and I couldn't get it going much faster than 50mph, and I really have to rev the engine to get it up there. Our original thought was that the mechanical advance was not functioning properly, but after trying a different distributor, the same problem persisted. Our VW guru friend looked at it for about a week and couldn't figure out what the problem was, but he suggested that the carburetor conversion setup may not be totally compatible with the automatic transmission. He said that he had seen many Vanagons with the fuel injection exchanged for twin carburetors, but never on a van with an automatic transmission. I am sure someone knows exactly what is going on, and what I need to do to fix my acceleration issue, but I have not yet found this person. Any help would be greatly appreciated.