- Need help with bucking/studdering DSG under hard acceleration
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    1. 08-26-2019 11:10 AM #1
      Well I spent time searching, but after 20 minutes I'm clearly not searching for the right things so here is a new post...

      I have a 2010 Passat B6 Wagon - the only model year B6 Passat in the US that came with DSG.

      Under everyday normal driving I have no problems at all. This is typical backroads and suburban driving up to around 50mpg.
      I mainly experience the problem when accelerating hard from an on-ramp onto a highway, or on the highway trying to punch up the speed. In these cases I'm accelerating faster than typical driving and I get a violent studder from what does feel like the transmission. If I let up a touch on the accelerator it immediately stops, and of course I always let up. I've tested this and it happens in auto and manual shift modes and in all gears.
      Again under normal acceleration from stops signs and lights there is never a problem. It occurs when I try to accelerate a little faster than normal driving - so mainly highways but it can happen around town too when I accelerate a faster than normal.
      I have 83k miles and had the DSG service done by a dealer at 75k. I started around 70k and the service didn't fix it.
      Since it has been a manageable problem I've haven't dealt with it yet.

      I'd like to get an idea of what is happening before I take it into the dealer, or maybe my trusted local mechanic I have do routine stuff can deal with it (or maybe I can myself).

      I do own the VCDS and this problem doesn't throw up codes; however, my newly licensed son came back with the check engine light on and he has experienced the problem probably because he has a typical teenage heavy foot. A quick scan shows a few misfires but the studdering is so violent, I can't imagine this is just a mis-fire issue. There were no faults for the auto transmission.


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      08-27-2019 03:42 AM #2
      Unless both of your clutches in the transmission is slipping, I can't think of a reason why it would shudder on all gears. I suspect it's related more to the misfiring.

      Maybe you can do some logging on the VCDS while you test the acceleration... with a helper on on the computer of course....

      You can try asking this guy: or the VCDS car repair forum:

      They'll have some idea on which values you can log.

    4. 09-09-2019 04:08 PM #3
      Perform basic settings on the DSG. If that does not help then is time for a new Mechatronic unit, or live with the problem
      DSG Freak - DSG Mecharonic is my name. Just ask and I will try to answer, IF I have time been there done that

      DSG Help Services - HERE

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