- Diverter valve location and VOLUME
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    1. 08-18-2019 06:54 PM #1
      Hey all,

      I just reworked my intercooler piping and routing and now my diverter valve is much closer to the output of the turbo's compressor. Maybe a foot downstream of it.

      My question is does moving the valve closer to the compressor outlet increase the valves noise?

      Mine is now making a very loud and audible fluttering noise on shifts where it did not previously.

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    3. 08-23-2019 10:32 PM #2
      Where was it previously?

    4. 08-26-2019 11:48 AM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Slowgti-reboot View Post
      Where was it previously?
      A foot or so from the TB. I can only assume that moving it closer to the compressor outlet has increased it's volume and likely efficiency.
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    6. 08-29-2019 05:46 PM #4
      It is seeing hotter and higher pressure air before the intercooler now. Probably could throw a stiffer spring in it.

    7. 10-14-2019 03:52 PM #5
      Bringing this back up as I want to make sure what I'm hearing is normal operation of the diverter valve vs. compressor surge

      I hear the noise on almost every shift regardless of the amount of boost. Currently running a 710N valve with 1" diameter silicone plumbing back to the intake post MAF.

      I also heard it with a Stratmosphere valve and the same plumbing.

      Again the only difference in the setup is really the location of the valve it's now about a foot down stream of the compressor housing where as before it was post intercooler about a foot down stream of the intake manifold.

      P.S. it sounds just like this see vid at 9ish minutes.
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    8. 10-15-2019 02:51 PM #6

      I'm a moron. When I threw eveything back together after installing an SRI and new IC I hooked the diverter valve vac line to the vac lines coming off the compressor housing

      Switching that up tonight to connect the diverter valve vac line to the SRI.

      My guess... it goes away.
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