- Building a detailing closet, help!
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    1. Member NeedleDub's Avatar
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      08-14-2019 08:46 PM #1
      Hello all. I just purchased a new (year old) car and am looking to build out my detailing closet. I've read through a good deal of the detailing forum already, however I feel like detailing changes all the time. For instance, when I last was detailing regularly (about 10 years ago) no one was using the foaming soap to hose down their cars. I figured it was best to just post a general 'Help me!' post.

      My background. I used to detail a fair amount when I had a mk4 GTI, clay bar and waxing primarily. I'll list the products I use currently and would love to hear from any of you what you like to use.

      Car Soap
      Meguiars Gold Class Car Soap

      Sprayway glass cleaner

      Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

      Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System

      Would love suggestions on any of the above products as well as
      - Polish
      - Tire Shine
      - Dashboard treatment
      - Shamois
      - Microfiber towels
      - Hand towels
      - Power polishers?
      - Leather treatment

      Thank you!
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      08-15-2019 05:12 PM #2
      I'd recommended nano skin instead of traditional clay bar. Costco microfiber towels are just fine for 90% of uses. My rotary polisher pretty much collects dust now since joining the DA revolution, I use a Griot's DA with Meg's pads and polishes. Chamois I use natural sheep skin cod oil tanned, have a few waffle weave absorbers for door jambs and otherwise dirty places.
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      08-17-2019 05:46 PM #3
      The big question when building a detailing closet is how much you want to spend.

      IMO a foam gun or cannon is a must have these days. The more dirt and grime you can get off the car without touching the paint the less imperfections and scratches you will make. Foam guns that attach right to a hose are good if you that's all you got but if you can you should definitely invest in a pressure washer and foam cannon attachment for that clingy snow foam effect. Im a big fan of most of Adams Polishes products and use their car shampoo, all purpose cleaner and detail spray exclusively.

      Car Soap
      I like Adams Polishes car shampoo. its PH neutral so it won't strip any protection and foams up real well in foam guns and foam cannons.

      Invisible Glass. This glass cleaner always leaves my windows streak free, its safe for tint and available in all autopart stores. for added protection i would look into a glass sealant. I use carbon collective platinum glass and with that i really don't have to use my wipers much or at all

      As much as it pains me to say it, as i love carnauba waxes, sealants and ceramics protect better and last longer while providing just as much levels of shine. I really like Sonax polymer net shield for a sealant, its easy to apply, looks fantastic on the car and provides quite good protection. However ceramic coating are all the rage right now and seem to be as advertised.

      IMO there's not much difference between clay bars, as long as you are claying the car you are gucci. But as the other poster said, nano skin and similar products are quicker and can do just as good of a job. you just need to make sure there is plenty of lubricant for it.

      Would love suggestions on any of the above products as well as
      - Polish: Im a big fan of Menzerna and sonax polishes. Ive gotten very good results using menzerna medium cutting polish and finishing with sonax perfect finish 4/6. However, ive also heard good things about meguiars polishes
      - Tire Shine- I think sonax wheel cleaner is some of the best on the market, adams polishes wheel cleaner has also been good for me. for shine adams polishes tire shine is good but if you really want the wet tire look then the costco tire wet stuff is real good.
      - Dashboard treatment- nextzett plastic deep cleaner. I swear by this stuff, its the best. doesn't leave your plastics wet like armorall stuff.
      - Shamois- microfiber towels only
      - Microfiber towels- Uber microfiber towels, the rag company microfiber towels or adams polishes microfiber towels are all great. I would say you should get a nice big microfiber drying towel and some high pile microfiber towels for waxes/sealants
      - Power polishers?- if you have the money Rupes polishers are the best on the market, they are the goto for most of the professional detailers these days. I have a rupes 21 bigfoot polisher with a 5in backing plate, its got the power and throw to make quick work of large panels and its pretty much idiot proof. whatever you do, do not buy a rotary polisher.
      - Leather treatment- sonax leather foam or nextzett leather care.

      as you can see from my answers I'm a big fan of sonax and adams polishes products. IMO they are far better than anything you can get at an autoparts store and aren't really any more expensive. I pretty much exclusively shop at The owner runs one of the best detail shops in the northeast and all the products sold on the site have been tested and approved by him so you can be confident that you are using quality products that really work. Plus you if you sign up to the site you can expect to get 10-20% off around every major holiday.

      Hope this helped
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    6. 08-23-2019 09:01 AM #4
      I would personally recommend nano skin rather than a traditional clay bar.

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