- Did I install my timing belt tensioner correctly?
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    1. 08-14-2019 04:34 AM #1
      Hey all, i'm nearing the end of my timing belt service and had a question about the new tensioner.. So you're supposed to make the 'notch' and the 'tab' line up, as shown here

      But after i installed my new one and the new belt and rollers etc, i went to tension the tensioner and couldn't seem to see how I could make those marks line up. i've got the belt fully on and all of my timing marks line up so i'm not concerned about that part particularly, but how do I get the damn tab to line up with the notch? When i go from the slackened position to tightened, the only part of the tensioner that i really see rotating is the part with the bolt and the little plate that has the arrow on it directly behind. I tensioned the tensioner to the point where it wouldn't turn anymore (the tightest point) and this is what it looks like now on my car -

      is this correct? is there a way to know for sure if i tensioned it properly? Is the main goal just to make sure all the slack is out of the belt or do i really have to make sure i get tabs lined up?
      thank yall!!

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    3. 08-14-2019 05:58 AM #2
      was testing on my old tensioner - There's a little tab poking up from the backside of the tensioner, I notice when i forcefully move that tab to the center of the big bracket on the back of the tensioner that goes into the freeze plug hole, THEN the tabs on the front line up.
      However, when i simply insert the allen key and rotate from the front to tension it, that tab in the back does not move and the markings that should line up (arrows in the picture above) dont move/get closer at all. Is there a reason for this? I must be doing something wrong.

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      08-14-2019 10:56 AM #3
      The tensioner is a bit tricky. If I remember correctly, on the side that goes against the block/head, there is a line or groove on the tensioner that needs to line up with the grove in the block/head. Once you get it in the correct position you should be able to tension tab positioned right.

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    6. 08-14-2019 02:32 PM #4
      i took my tensioner back off to get a better look. when i go to reinstall the tensioner, it only goes in one way. It goes in with the L-shaped bracket going into the hole on the block/head. But i don't see any other 'grooves' or anything else to line the tensioner up. If you're just talking about getting the L-shaped bracked into the freeze plug hole on the head, then that's how i installed it in the first place but still the tabs wouldn't move closer. The tensioner seem like it only really goes in one way- here some pics of the tensioner off

      I must be missing something

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      08-15-2019 08:58 AM #5
      The flat at the 9 o'clock position on the tensioner has to go against the flat spot at the 6 0'clock position on the head below the freeze plug. You can mistakenly install the tensioner without the flats lining up. If you don't line them up the tensioner will not tighten correctly.

    8. 08-15-2019 04:13 PM #6
      Thanks for the input man, i got it figured out. Turns out I had the tensioner installed correctly and everything i just wasn't putting enough force to turn the tensioner enough where the notches started moving.. Rookie mistake, but atleast i figured it out eventually. Cheers

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