- 1.4 TSI Carbon Build Up Tracking Poll
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    View Poll Results: Did your 1.4 TSI Direct Injection engine suffer from Carbon Deposit Issues?

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    • 0-50,000 miles with NO Carbon Deposit Issues

      2 66.67%
    • 50,001-100,000 miles with NO Carbon Deposit Issues

      0 0%
    • 100,0001-150,000 miles with NO Carbon Deposit Issues

      1 33.33%
    • 0-50,000 miles WITH Carbon Deposit Issues

      0 0%
    • 50,001-100,000 miles WITH Carbon Deposit Issues

      0 0%
    • 100,0001-150,000 miles WITH Carbon Deposit Issues

      0 0%
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    1. 08-10-2019 03:20 PM #1
      As most of you know, Direct Injected engines can suffer from Carbon Deposits on the back of the intake valves. While manufacturers have mitigated this issue over the years, it is still a cause of concern for many, including myself. I have searched carbon deposit issues with the direct injected 1.4 TSI and have found very little data points for this issue. The 1.4 has been in production for a number of years now, so there should now be engines out there with higher miles to have good data points for a poll. If you own a 1.4 direct injected TSI, please feel free to vote in the poll.

      NOTE: There is a typo in the poll above. There are two entries listed as 100,0001 miles. I mistakenly added an extra 0. It should be 100,001 miles. I can't edit a poll. If a moderator sees this, I would appreciate if it is corrected.
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      2017 VW Jetta SE
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    3. 08-10-2019 03:39 PM #2
      I have 108k on my 2016 Jetta with the 1.4T. I have done oil changes religiously at 10k with 502 spec oil only and had my injectors changed due to some failure at 85k and asked for them to check the valves, which they showed me personally and I don’t have any carbon on them at all. So I know that I’m not having an issue, but that doesn’t speak for everyone. Hope this helps.

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