Hi, new to this forum. I have been driving a 2004 jetta GL 2.0L wagon for a few years now. It has over 200,000 miles with an 01m four speed transmission. Several months ago I had a bad TCC lockup solenoid that put it in limp mode. About four months ago I bought a set of new solenoids and went ahead and changed the filter, gasket and fluid along with the new solenoids. It went back to normal after that except the engine would rev up a little before third gear because the transmission would take a little longer to engage third gear. All the other gears seemed fine except third gear. It started slowly getting worse until eventually a month ago it wouldn't even engage third gear the engine would just rev and rev and I would have to put it in manual second gear to get home only going 30mph. I tried rebuilding the valve body with a rebuild kit with only marginal improvements but not fixing the main problems. Another thing it started doing as third gear stopped working is it would not roll forward in drive or reverse after maybe ten minutes of driving when everything is warmed up. When I would stop I couldn't feel the transmission shift back down and when I let off the brake I would have to give it a lot of gas to move and when it did move it would lunge forward in drive. It got to a point after checking the fluid multiple times starting it and shifting to reverse it would shake a lot and the shaking wouldn't go away until the transmission warmed up some, then the shaking got to a point where the engine would just stall as soon as I started it up and shifted into reverse. The stalling and most of the shaking went away after the valve body rebuild but the third gear problem still remains. Again, the car does have over 200,000 and I did have drive it in limp mode for several months(it was my only car for work) before being able to fix it so that may have had an effect, not sure. The only transmission related check engine light code that comes up consistently is the P0811 excessive clutch slippage and mainly because of third gear. I have checked the sensors and solenoids and everything electrical I could think of and everything electrical seems to be fine. I have removed the transmission and am currently working on rebuilding it even though I have never taken a transmission out or rebuilt one but I've done research and I've got the manual and diagrams for it. So far I have found very deteriorated seals behind the oil pump but I'm still working on it. I would love some advice from anyone familiar with this transmission and associated issues on what I should look for or do. Thank you.