- engine rev no acceleration gti mk6
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    1. 07-11-2019 08:35 PM #1
      I have a 2011 GTI MK6 with 98k miles on it. the car is stock, and when I am in 5th or 6th gear and the car get to 4000 rpm the engine revs and I do not feel much acceleration. There is a oil leak so could oil be getting on the fly wheel cause this?

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      07-13-2019 12:20 AM #2
      Your issue is definitely clutch slip by the sound of it, as it seems you were thinking, but your oil leak has nothing to do with it, that is a separate issue. If there was oil on the flywheel and clutch friction disc it would slip long before 4000RPMs.

      Organic friction discs (like the OE clutch) can recover from minor glazing caused by slipping if you follow certain procedures. First and foremost, do not continue to replicate the circumstance under which it slips. Your objective for the next 300-500miles is to not slip the clutch at all, whatsoever. Aside from that, you want to use the clutch as much as possible... as in you want to get as many engagements and disengagements from the flywheel surface as you can within that 300-500mile time-span so do a lot of gear changes for the hell of it. City driving or driving in light traffic is good for this (as long as you aren't feathering the clutch much because that will heat it up and we don't want that).

      If you can do all that then what it accomplishes is that the repeated use will wear away the glazed surface of the friction disc and expose new friction material with greater holding power. If the clutch slips at all during this process it will completely undo the work and you'll need to start over. An organic disc can only "recover" like this so many times before the thickness of the friction material is insufficient for it to keep the thermal capacity necessary to operate without slippage so don't blow your chance it recovering it by being impatient. Follow the above carefully and you may just avoid having to get a new clutch done, at least for awhile.
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