By way of background, I'm in the market for a second vehicle, probably a mid sized truck or SUV for winter duty (it snows a fair amount here and the roads in my county are like a third world country), homeowner stuff and hopefully some camping and fishing trips as my kids get a little older.

I was initially looking for a 2007-09 4Runner Sport (to replace my 2005 Sport that popped a head gasket-I couldn't justify a $4,000-$6,000 repair on a $7,500 truck) when I came across a 2008 Tacoma TRD with 230,000 miles. In pictures, the truck looks like it has 1/3 of the actual miles (but no under body shots, and yes I know about the frame issues) and the carfax shows it spent the first 210,000 miles with the original owner in mid-Michigan (rural farm country), so I suspect those miles are virtually all highway. The carfax shows it was serviced by the same Toyota dealer pretty much every 5,000 miles. Aside from oil changes, brakes and tires, it got new leaf springs, intermediate steering shaft and a u-joint on the front driveshaft.

It's for sale by a reputable Ford dealership near where the second owner lived (an very affluent suburb of Detroit) and the price seems reasonable. On paper, this sounds like an OK proposition, but I've never owned, much less bought any vehicle with that many miles. My 4Runner had 168,000 and before that, ~150,000 was the highest I'd owned, so I'm feeling just a little uneasy about the mileage.

So, how many miles is too many for a new-to-you vehicle? Any other thoughts?