- H+R Sway Bars and FOUR Sets of Links?
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    1. 07-11-2019 01:37 PM #1
      Hey guys, a couple years ago I put an H+R rear sway bar in my B7 Passat. Only other suspension mod is H+R Sport Springs.

      I’ve now gone through 3 sets of stock end links on the sway bars because the bushings keep going and the noise they make is horrendous.

      The last time, at the recommendation of my mechanic, I put in nice adjustable end links to compensate for the angle, etc on the sway bar with the sport springs. Those have been in for 2 months and now have to be replaced. Clunking pretty bad.

      ECS says they’ll warranty them, but what gives? 4 sets of end links on this sway bar? Great tuning shop I spoke with can’t seem to figure out why this would be happening.

      Any ideas? Should I go back to all stock? Thanks guys.

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      07-12-2019 11:13 AM #2
      The H&R sway bars are much stiffer than the OEM ones and put additional stresses on the end links that they were not designed to handle.
      The ECS links have pretty bad reviews and seem to be failure prone... but their price point is attractive. Sometimes you get lucky with their stuff, but sometimes you don’t.
      There are some MOOG endlinks that you can get at Autozone that are beefier than OEM and have lifetime warranty, or go with a higher end aftermarket end link if ECS can’t resolve your issue.

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      07-12-2019 11:53 PM #3
      In addition to what the above poster said, have the end links been installed at curb weight (vehicle resting on the ground or ramps) or simulated curb weight by preloading the suspension while it is on the lift at the shop? I'm pretty much positive your OE end links weren't because since they aren't adjustable they probably wouldn't line up at curb weight. But the advantage to adjustable end links is precisely that they can be adjusted down to the appropriate size to be installed at curb weight. Installing end links at curb weight avoids putting preload on the sway bar (and end links since they work together). No preload improves ride quality and decreases static forces on those components. I suggest you either get those ECS end links warrantied and give them a try installed at curb weight or get them refunded so you can buy better end links like SuperPro adjustable end links. However, be aware that no matter what you do, aftermarket end links will fail pretty much every couple of years on average (depending significantly on the roads you drive and how you drive), it comes with the territory of modified suspension and higher demands on the parts. I've replaced 3 pair of SuperPros (2 fronts and 1 rear) in 3 years but I also track my car so the comparison isn't very good. SuperPro has a lifetime, no-hassle warranty so I basically paid for them once and have lifetime replacements.
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