- Woops. Acura left images and information for the new 2020 MDX and TLX in the RDX head unit software.
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    1. 08-13-2019 11:13 PM #101
      Quote Originally Posted by The_Real_Stack View Post
      Minor update from me, my wife has fallen in love with a verrrrry expensive house around the corner, currently for rent until fall 2020, and we are in talks to buy it when that lease expires, so we aren’t buying any new cars any time soon.
      Sounds like an impulse buyer

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      08-14-2019 11:40 AM #102
      Wow! New Type S rendering looks very good!

      Holding out hope too since Acura has a reputation for "concept cars" actually being reveals of pretty much the production car - which in this case could be pretty sweet, fingers crossed!

      Yes, transverse-engine + FWD/AWD platform, but still. Evos were too. Not that I'm saying this will be a new Evo, but still...has potential to be very good despite what compromises appear on paper.

      Hoping Acura lets the 3.5TT from the NSX rip in this application & it's not too watered down...or easily unlocked in the aftermarket.

      Not sure what it took, but glad something finally woke Acura!
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