Wife and I are headed to France in August/September, and we are attending a wedding in the Brittany province. So I have to play planes, trains, and automobiles to get there, because the train doesn't take you all the way there. We've already rented a Fiat 500 or similar from Auto Europe in Man Pedal Edition, and I fully intend on being the comical Full Bodied American driving the tiny Euro hatch.

But what do I need to do about a license? Do I need an international one, or does my Illinois one appear sufficiently socialist to the Frogs? How about insurance? I have a USAA credit card and USAA insurance so I imagine I'm covered, or should I plan on getting the extra insurance I always pass up from Hertz, etc in FreedomLand? I am aware that DUI laws are draconian, so no Bordeauxs or Champagnes across my lips inside the 8hr bottle to throttle guidelines.

What else do I need to know?

For added fun, see my companion thread in OT, how do I use my cell phone in France?