You want to build a fantasy garage, but there are two stipulations:

-You only have room for at most 5 vehicles. This doesn't include your daily, it can sit outside who cares.

-A hard budget of $100,000 total.

What would you buy?

Since I currently own 4 cars collectively worth 31-32K, the choice is obvious-I'd use all my space

One of my most recent automotive crushes is the Citroen DS, a newer red one just like Leno's. It's a must-own in this garage. I'd guess it's somewhere in the range of 20-30,000 for a good driver, so let's call it 25 grand even.

I've never driven an air cooled Porsche (unless you count a really rusty 914) so I think one would earn it's keep in my garage. Like Vad and his M3, much of the reason I'd own one is purely enthusiast cred, and it's a good financial investment. Probably $30,000 for a decent pre-964, which has the older 915 gearbox but I want to keep the cost low. Whatever model/year is most affordable.

I like obscure domestic cars, like the Omni GLH for example. It would be a tough decision, but I think a GMC Syclone/Typhoon would just win out over a Grand National. The Typhoon isn't as iconic as the Syclone, but should be well cheaper as only a fraction as many Syclones were made. $15,000

Another tough choice would be a 70s sports sedan-BMW 2002 and Datsun 510. I already have the german 911 so I'd probably go 510. 10-12K. *edit* I much prefer the 2002 styling.

Finally, a 1960s US 4 seat convertible with a 4 speed. I really like Corvairs, and the corsa turbo convertible is gorgeous and quick, but the Pontiac Tempest makes a compelling, if flawed option, and here's why: It uses a rear mounted transaxle from a Corvair via a torque-tube (15 years before Porsche), but the 4 speed was too fragile so it was relegated to the base 3.2 four, basically half a 389 since John DeLorean was given nothing for development. You can squeeze 180 hp from it, but it's still a pushrod 4 in a 3000 lb car, and the V8s only had a 3 speed or powerglide. I'm not sure if the Corvair 4 speed can be beefed up, but I might just have to accept an eventual rebuild and swap a 4 speed into a 326 Tempest. It would also be the only V8 on my list. Probably 15K ish.

Gotta be a 61, 63s look decent but 62s are uggo.

So I'm at 95-97K with a full garage. What would you do ?

Near misses: Grand National, Aw11 MR2 supercharged, Omni GLH, Cressida (as a rally car), Saab 900 SPG, peugeot 504.