- 2007 Q7 4.2 FSI Oil leaks under belly pan & cross member
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    1. 07-09-2019 12:44 PM #1
      I have a 2007 Audi Q7 4.2 V8 FSI (approx 200,000km)
      Everything works, runs great
      but I have a huge oil leak
      I inspected and the front of the engine
      its pretty dry, but getting oil burning stink & fumes on the passenger
      side exhaust after 5 min of driving; after the vehicle is shut off
      I'm getting drips that make a couple small puddles Im also using 5W40 oil
      that tend to drip off the underside plastic shield and under the subframe
      car looses about 2.5 liters oil every week
      Please advise

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    3. n00b wego0002's Avatar
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      Jan 25th, 2015
      Rochester Hills / Michigan / USA
      08-06-2019 11:08 AM #2

      have a look at this, you are up for a real treat:



    4. 09-20-2019 12:11 PM #3
      Thanks some great info

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