- Tire recommendation - Prevent "tracking"
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      Oct 14th, 2005
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      07-08-2019 04:34 PM #1
      I need some help regarding tires. Here in Norway we have bad roads outside main cities. The roads tend to wear down where the tires meets the asphalt, creating "channels" or almost "rail" like tracks. For those of us that have wide and low profile tires, the car tends to wanna suddenly steer to one side or the other. Over here we call it 'tracking' (direct translation). The problem is most prevalent with sporty tires that has straight and stiff sidewalls. Nokian has a couple of tire models that is specifically designed for Scandinavian roads and they have somewhat softer sidewall and 'rounded shoulders' as we call them (more rounded sidewalls). Do you guys have any recommendations for other tire models that also have "round shoulders" to prevent "tracking"?
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      07-09-2019 08:24 PM #2
      Don't use low profile tires. It will mmake it rougher.

      Check all the bushings for your suspension, make sure there's no play.

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