- 2001 2.8Q 5-speed Mystery Leak
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      06-29-2019 04:28 PM #1
      I'm trying to track down where this leak may be coming from.

      There is a slight smell of gear oil, that and the fact it goes so far back on the transmission leads me to believe it's a transmission leak.

      However, I have lost a bit of oil recently, and the cleanliness of the droplets lead me to believe it could be from the engine. When I took these pictures I had just returned from a 135mph trip on the Autobahn which may explain it being so far back.

      No clutch slip. Back of engine looks relatively clean. Doesn't look to be coming from the axle flanges. Valve covers and tensioner seals were just done recently as well as PCV. I also felt the back of the head and it was dry. Coming up on 260k miles.

      Any ideas?

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    3. 09-02-2019 12:33 AM #2
      Cam seal?

      A 2.8 can reach 135???

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