- Please help! Cosmetic repair advice for bumper
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      06-23-2019 08:11 AM #1
      Unfortunately someone ran into my rear bumper and I now have some indentations and scrapes from their white car and license plate bracket on there. I was successful is washing and compounding the white paint off of the bumper and am now left with the indentations and scrapes.

      I've ordered some Tornado Red touch-up paint, but the indentations may still be there after.

      I'd appreciate any advice on how to successfully repair this to minimize or repair the appearance of the scrapes and indentations. As you may be able to tell, I'm very particular about my car, so would like to have it as close to 100% as possible. Pictures are posted below



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    3. 12-16-2019 07:51 AM #2
      Your best chance is the Carfidant scratch remover, at least it worked for me when I had a similar issue. But there are other products just as effective out there, you can read up on a few of them here, maybe you prefer something else

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      03-17-2020 12:48 AM #3
      It's a plasic bumper you could warm up the bumper and work the dents out. (But it's a fine line of over heating and ruining the bumper)

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