- Gen 2 to Gen 3 swap
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    1. 06-07-2019 03:39 AM #1
      Hello folks I have a 2009 Passat B6 with the gen 2 2.0T tsi and about 3 months ago my wife put 3 gallons of diesel in it on an empty tank and didn't realize it until it started running funny. So them stopped and put 5 gallons of 93 in it and somehow kept driving until the tank was empty before i was informed. Since we've had nothing but problems and are limited on $$ so 20,000 miles later the motor is pretty much smoked low oil pressure low fuel pressure stalling ect. I have found at the local Used parts yard A 2014 Passat that was smashed the motor suffered no damage with 94,000 miles on it for $283 bucks I can pull it myself. Can you swap with out flahing the ECU? From what i can tell it has all the same sensor plugs. The only viable thing is placement of the cam sensor and it has a different cam ladder and the oil refill is on the cam bridge cover not the cam ladder.

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    3. 06-14-2019 02:53 AM #2

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