- 09A TCM part number interchange questions 09A927750T, 09A927750AJ, 09A927750BD
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    1. Semi-n00b
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      Sep 24th, 2010
      St Louis MO
      Jetta 2001 TDI and 2003 1.8T
      05-25-2019 07:43 PM #1
      I have a new to me 2003 Jetta with a 1.8T and the 09A Tiptronic.

      Bought the car for parts for my 2001 TDI 5 speed.

      It is to nice to part out in my opinion.

      Found the 09A927750AJ TCM that was in the car fried.

      Could only find an 2004 TCM with # 09A927750BD local to me.

      After install and test drive I get code saying V283 valve short to ground.

      The car shifts very rough in all gears.

      I found some info on the net to ohm the solenoids and things were not the same on the 03. So that didn't tell me any thing.

      My questions are:
      What are the differences in the 09A927750T, 09A927750AJ, 09A927750BD?
      Is this the wrong TCM for this 03?
      Will the correct one will get the 03 shifting correctly?

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    3. Junior Member
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      Nov 15th, 2013
      '02 Golf TDI Estate PD130
      06-05-2019 10:01 AM #2
      The last two letters denote engine and gearbox ratios. You should not be mixing and matching. Seeing as one is from a 1.8T and one is from a TDI I would remove the incorrect TCM now before you do any damage to the gearbox. Diesel and petrol gearboxes have wildly different gear ratios, hence the TCMs being coded to match.

      If you give the VW dealership a call they can tell you which suffixes are compatible with your vehicle.

      I've tried doing research on this topic and found absolutely nothing on the internet.

      My 2002 PD130 09A came from the factory with I think a J suffix, with the AG suffix being the updated version. The dealership told me that ONLY these two TCMs were compatible with my vehicle. The original TCM was reflashed to the AG suffix, and I have a factory AG suffix TCM which is the one in the car at the moment.

    4. Semi-n00b
      Join Date
      Sep 24th, 2010
      St Louis MO
      Jetta 2001 TDI and 2003 1.8T
      06-09-2019 08:56 PM #3
      This is the short version of what I found.
      I finally found the correct TCM (09A927750AJ) with the same part number that was in the car. Installed it and the works as it should. VCDS all clear no faults.
      So you have to replace the TCM with the same numbers and letters.

      Long version...... I found a TCM(09A927750BD ) in the JY. It operated with very hard shifts and VCDS saying the N283 solenoid was short to ground intermittent. I bought a TCM (09A927750T) off ebay and it operated in the same manner as the (09A927750BD). VCDS said the same.
      Went to the JY to find an N283 solenoid and found a car with the correct TCM (09A927750AJ) Installed it and the works as it should. VCDS all clear no faults.

      I reinstalled the other two TCMs and they acted poorly like before. VCDS the same.

      Also tried the O1M 4 speed TCM same as above.

      All checks were fine: I checked the ohms at the solenoids,ohms thru the transmission harness. Also at the connector and thru the wires going to the TCM. Checked all end to end for Ohm and test ohm to ground.

      You Have To Have The Same Part Numbers And Letters for the TCM.

      This was in a 2003 Jetta 1.9T with 09A 5-speed automatic.

      Thanks Vwortex
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