- CV Joint Boot Replacement
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    1. n00b
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      Jan 15th, 2017
      Salt Lake City
      04 Jetta TDI
      05-19-2019 11:03 AM #1
      Hey guys.
      I drive a '04 Jetta TDI, but my wife drives a '05 Jetta GLI. Her steering rack went out a while ago and I finally got around to replacing it this weekend. After taking down the subframe, I noticed her passenger inner CV joint boot was ripped. Having replaced my CV joint boots a year ago, I knew what the process was. As I was putting on the replacement boot on, I noticed the cylinder where the boot connects (where the three bearing go into) to has these three divots inwards. Here is a picture of the driver inner boot to show the divot.
      Have any of you guys heard of this/seen this before? if so, what's the specific joint boot part I need? I can't find the part anywhere.
      I really would prefer to buy the CV joint boot rather than a new CV shaft...
      Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    3. Member vdubbugman53's Avatar
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      Nov 7th, 2006
      Denver, CO
      2013 Turbo Beetle, 2003 New Beetle
      05-19-2019 11:57 PM #2
      Yes if you take that joint apart you will see the shaft has three large splines if you will that fit in there. Your time would absolutely be best suited to replace the whole shaft as you will have to remove the shaft to replace the boot and I'll bet the boot is almost as much as a shaft from your local auto parts store.

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