- 2005 BEW Jetta A/C Questions..HELP!!!
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      05-17-2019 04:09 PM #1
      Need some help...

      My 2005 BEW Jetta, has 201k miles, I live in Florida so the heat is crappy. When I am on idle or moving slowly the a/c does not blow as cold as anyone would want, but when I am on highway speeds, the a/c blows cold.....

      I have heard/seen from a few things online that these cars accumulate leaves and junk in between the condenser and the radiator. Has anyone dealt with this before, I don't want to go crazy trying to figure things out when I could go right to the problem.

      Please help me out with any videos or info you may have.

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    3. 07-22-2019 11:29 AM #2
      Just a thought, but it sound like you actually may be low on charge. Another thing to check is the cooling fans. If the fans are not running when the ac is on, then there is no air flow across the condenser to cool it, once you start moving, the airflow from the car movement is enough to let the thermal exchange happen.

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