- OBD2 No Fuel, No spark, No TPS buzz, please help
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    1. Member rocco858488's Avatar
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      Sep 14th, 2005
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      2001 VR6 Cabrio
      05-15-2019 10:43 PM #1
      I'm hoping that one of you VR6 guys that love a challenge will chime in here. The vehicle in question is a 2001 Cabrio with a mkIII obd2 vr6 swap. I was daily driving this car with no problems up until September of last year. I drove it home from work one day. Parked it, went out about thirty minutes later to move it and it would turn over just fine, but it would not start. I have been digging since then off and on as time allows. Since then the issue has been intermittent. What I have observed so far when it cranks but does not fire.
      1. No spark
      2. No Fuel
      3. No buzz from the TPS
      4. Obd2 diagnostic port does not communicate with a reader

      After much reading here, my diagnostics led me to blame a faulty crank position sensor which I replaced last week with a new bosch unit. I thought it was fixed as it fired right up on the first turn of the key. I drove it around for a good 15 minutes and it ran great. I parked it for the night. I went out the next night to try it again and the original symptoms returned. After the third or so attempt to start it, I turned the key to power and heard the TPS buzz, it fired immediately after. I decided to disconnect the battery for a few hours to clear any codes in the ecu two days ago. It has not started since.

      Any diagnostic help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    3. Senior Member reynolds9000's Avatar
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      Yesterday 03:48 PM #2
      Make sure that the contacts on the plug for the crank sensor are clean. Trace the wiring for the sensor and make sure you don't have any breaks in the insulation. Your symptoms point to an issue with the crank sensor.
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