- ABA 2.0 vs ABA 2.0 with CIS 1.8 head
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    1. 05-14-2019 11:36 PM #1
      ABA 2.0 is rated at 115hp what do you think compared to a ABA 2.0 bottom end with a 1.8 CIS head.
      ABA is a flow through head with electronic fi.
      Compared to
      ABA 2.0 bottom end with counter flow 1.8 CIS head with ABA stock cam

      What would you compare the hp of the two engines? How much less hp with the counter flow head and CIS injection?

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    3. 05-15-2019 08:18 AM #2
      From my understanding, the head flows are about the same. It would come down to other restrictions in the intake and exhaust.

      I would suspect for max hp, EFI would be the way to do but I doubt if you could tell the difference.

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      05-15-2019 04:51 PM #3
      Great question. I'm running an ABA with 1.8 digifant head in my vanagon and wonder the same thing.

      I'm using a high flow dual exhaust manifold and I have a cone filter purchased from ebay for the digifant AFS

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