- 3 Things You Love About your Car. And 3 Things You Hate.
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    1. Member 2.0_Mazda's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 3rd, 2010
      Montreal, Quebec
      2008 Mazda 3
      05-14-2019 12:12 PM #26
      Engine response. Overall joy to drive and beat on.
      Transmission. Gear throws and quickness of shifting is hard to beat at this price point.
      Reliability/dependability. The thing just keeps on going, no complaining.

      Road noise. It never shuts up.
      Suspension harshness. It's never a comfortable drive.
      Durability. Many suspension and steering bits are nearing the end of their life. Don't want to put any money towards the car. My lack of funding probably doesn't help hate #1 and #2

      Sent from a telephone while driving

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    3. Member ohiodub_99.5's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 4th, 2007
      JCW Mini Cooper, 2018 Tiguan
      05-14-2019 12:25 PM #27
      2010 Mini Cooper JCW

      1. Go-Kart like handling... loves to be thrown around and is an absolute blast to drive.
      2. Size- nice and small to weave through traffic and a breeze to park anywhere.
      3. Power - is ample enough to surprise most people as they assume all MINIs are cute slow little cars...

      1. Fuel Consumption.... requires premium fuel, and drinks it like crazy due to my inability to keep my foot off the right pedal...
      2. Size... "back seat" is non-existant being as im 6'3" and the back of my seat touches the back seats.... "trunk" space is also laughable... hence the roof box for road trips...
      3. Harsh Ride.... crashes of even the smallest of road imperfections...

      /| OMGHAI |\

    4. Member GolfTango's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 15th, 2001
      Not Fancy, CT
      '17 Accord Sport SE 6MT & '15 INFINITI QX60 Family Truckster
      05-14-2019 12:25 PM #28
      2017 Honda Accord Sport SE

      Three things I :

      1) The slick Manuel

      2) The Sport's appearance with the San Marino red

      3) The roomy all black interior

      Three things I :

      1) More powah please! You need to rev the balls out of the 2.4 to get the full 189hp (even if it has 189hp!)

      2) Not being able to get options on the 9th gen like a sunroof and better audio with CarPlay, etc. on the Sport model

      3) Thin paint that scratches and chips if you look at it wrong

      Last edited by GolfTango; 05-14-2019 at 12:28 PM.

    5. Member
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      Oct 9th, 2000
      '16 F150 5.0 S/C, '16 Honda F6B, '13 Victory Hammer
      05-14-2019 12:26 PM #29
      2016 Ford F-150 (Coyote 5.0 Supercharged, Wilwood Brakes)

      1) The power....way faster than a truck should be

      2) The utility....its a truck and though I take care with it, it is used as such.

      3) The interior room....have you seen the back seat area? You could have a dance party back there,

      !) Overall size....takes a country mile to turn around and I can't fit it in my garage.

      2) MySync....definitely could be improved upon and more than once did not load / start properly.

      3) Paint quality disappointing.
      '16 F150 5.0 S/C, '13 Victory Hammer, '16 Honda F6B

    6. Member Pnuu's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 27th, 2005
      GX, Taco, Tiguan, bikes
      05-14-2019 12:30 PM #30
      2007 Lexus GX470

      1- Excellent AWD/Traction Control. It's damn near impossible to break traction, even with attribute #2:
      2- POWAH. Driving a nice V8 every day is great. Good low end torque, but more importantly the dual VVTi 2UZ loves to rev and pulls even harder as the revs increase.
      3- Toyota quality.

      Don't love as much...
      1- Fuel Economy. I average 15-16mpg with mostly city driving, though I'll get upwards of 20 on the freeway.
      2- Lots of accessories/electronics to potentially fail. It's a luxury SUV and has pretty much all the tech 2007 had to offer. If/when one of those components fail it won't be a cheap fix.
      3- Um... Maybe the size? While it's not a full-size, it's a bigger midsize SUV and occasionally the size is an issue. It won't fit in my garage. Parallel parking requires a big spot. But that's a small price to pay.

    7. Member
      Join Date
      Jan 18th, 2018
      '13 Optima SX-L, '11 MKX, '06 ER-6N
      05-14-2019 12:30 PM #31
      2013 Kia Optima SXL


      Looks really good
      Has a lot of toys
      Actually rides decent on coilovers


      Terrible economy car chassis
      Abysmal fuel economy
      Awful resale value

      This car taught me a lot about how NOT to make automotive purchases. As soon as it's financially feasible I'm out, hopefully for something I can daily for the next decade. Looking at barely used GTIs as a 1-2 year old car is like 40% off MSRP
      Last edited by CTK; 05-14-2019 at 12:59 PM.

    8. Member
      Join Date
      Aug 4th, 2005
      2016 RAV4 Hybrid, MK5 Jetta
      05-14-2019 12:31 PM #32
      2008 Jetta 2.5L 6AT

      1. The sound
      2. Reliability
      3. The ride and handling with Bilstein B6/DG springs and Michelin PSS

      1. It's not the prettiest car
      2. Could use more power, after 7 years with this car, my next car must have at least double the HP.
      3. Drinks gas like a V6-8

      I'm still holding onto it. I have a pretty hefty budget for my next purchase, but I told myself, so long as my car keeps going with reasonable operating costs, I should keep it.

      2016 RAV4 hybrid XLE

      1. Fuel economy. 4000+lbs AWD with 200hp and we average 29mpg winter (Montreal winters are brutal on MPG's, friend with a regular RAV4 averages 17-18mpg) and 39mpg in the summer.
      2. How smooth/quiet the hybrid powertrain and CVT is. It really feels a class above just because of the powertrain.
      3. Overall packaging/size/practicality is just spot on for our needs

      1. The electric hatch is very slow
      2. It handles like a bus, due to the added weight of the hybrid system
      3. The ''basic bitch'' image of a white RAV4.

      Lease is almost over on the RAV4 and we'll be buying it out. As a family car it's just perfect.

    9. 05-14-2019 12:34 PM #33
      '18 VW Alltrack

      1. Size: two kids or skiing or home depot.. it does it all
      2. Comfort: good supportive seats, comfortable seating position, good ergonomics, lots of room
      3. Technology: headunit interface is intuitive and easy to use, safety tech such auto high beams are a amazing

      1. Power: +20 or 30 HP would have been perfect
      2. Touchscreen: doesnt work with gloves
      3. Sunroof: constant worry about potential leaks based on forum experiences

      '10 Mazda 5

      1. Japanese engineering/solutioning: auto-shut rear doors (not full shut mind you, it just pulls the door in once it latches), including a manual transmission in a minivan!
      2. Sliding doors: perfect for loading two little kids
      3. Size: small, feels light on its feet, short turning radius, can haul everything we need

      1. Sound deadening: hear every pebble
      2. Rust: threat of rust on the rear arches is always there!
      3. Seats: clearly made for short stature drivers. Would have appreciated more bolstering and being able to push it back further

      '79 Mini

      1. Size
      2. Handling
      3. Simplicity

      1. Restoration: Everything requires some level of custom fit/made to fit
      2. Carb setup: constantly fiddling to make it just right
      3. Fumes: the stereotypical British motoring fumes.. no likey!

      '05 Mini Cooper S (sold recently)

      1. Size
      2. Power band
      3. Handling

      1. Cost of repairs
      2. Frequency of repairs/maintenance/upkeep
      3. Sunvisors

    10. Member GolfTango's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 15th, 2001
      Not Fancy, CT
      '17 Accord Sport SE 6MT & '15 INFINITI QX60 Family Truckster
      05-14-2019 12:39 PM #34
      Quote Originally Posted by B_artman View Post

      '10 Mazda 5

      1. Japanese engineering/solutioning: auto-shut rear doors (not full shut mind you, it just pulls the door in once it latches), including a manual transmission in a minivan!
      Can you elaborate, my 09 Mazda5 GT didn't have auto shut rear doors?

    11. Member rickhamilton620's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 27th, 2015
      York, PA
      2012 Kia Forte EX
      05-14-2019 12:41 PM #35
      2012 Forte EX

      Three things I :

      1) The Price - I got it for a steal (there's a reason for this, as I found out....)

      2) Fuel Economy is great compared to my old XJ

      3) Has bluetooth and a aux jack, moves under it's own power, and keeps me dry with a heater.

      Three things I :

      1) Carfax said the car had no accidents, ran a AutoCheck last year - it was in one in its life as a rental car. The PPI I paid for didn't pick it up either.

      2) So boring, so painfully boring. I've accepted that no....the drive is all about the destination with this car.

      3) Torsion beam rear suspension is easily upset by mid corner bumps, potholes and frost heaves - a common sight on PA roads and highways.

      EDIT: I really don't know what I'll get next but it'll probably be a Mazda3, Honda Accord Sport 2.0T 6-Speed, or a Alltrack SE or SEL 6 speed. With the latter I'll just cross my fingers and hope that the sweet pano roof doesn't leak.
      Last edited by rickhamilton620; 05-14-2019 at 12:44 PM.

    12. 05-14-2019 12:41 PM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by Meroving1an View Post
      991.1 GT3

      Love -

      1. Atmospheric 9K
      2. PDK
      3. It's a 911
      Interesting to see a GT3 owner list 'PDK' among the things that he loves.

    13. 05-14-2019 12:56 PM #37
      Quote Originally Posted by GolfTango View Post
      Can you elaborate, my 09 Mazda5 GT didn't have auto shut rear doors?
      It might have been a final year only feature on the '10 GTs. Basically you start closing the door manually, and towards the end of the slide, the motor kicks in to pull the door fully shut. Its kind of like an over-engineered, '80s Japanese technology overkill for a soft close feature.

    14. Member
      Join Date
      Dec 8th, 2004
      Allendale, MI
      05-14-2019 12:59 PM #38
      2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR
      Three things I :

      1) Handling. The steering and AWD systems work beautifully together and the factory ride is still pretty compliant

      2) Engine. The 4B11T is a very capable platform which responds really well to light modification without ruining drivability

      3) Appearance. Aside from the giant wing, i've really liked the aggressive Evo X look from year 1

      Three things I :

      1) Gearbox. The 5 speed manual is notchy and the 5th gear ratio has you around 3,000RPM @ 60mph

      2) Seats. My lovely 2015 model got base Lancer seats that are woefully inadequate for the amount of grip the car generates

      3) The rest of the interior. I do actually like a spartan interior with simple controls that are easy to find and operate but the materials used scream economy car.

    15. Member Egz's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 30th, 2002
      2006 Ford Fusion 2.3 Turbo, 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid
      05-14-2019 01:04 PM #39
      2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid. My dislikes are just very minor annoyances.

      1. Style: Looks great, much more exciting design than most cars
      2. Comfort: Can drive hours on end and not get fatigued
      3. Economy: Sips gas like a sub-compact, but is roomy

      1. Window switch location: Too far forward, always end up hitting rear windows when I want front.
      2. Sync 2: Wish it was Sync 3
      3. Low lip: Would scrape on any entrance with significant incline.

    16. Senior Member VarianceVQ's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 26th, 2005
      Fancy College Town, Connecticut
      2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport
      05-14-2019 01:08 PM #40
      2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport


      + Agility/fun to drive factor/quickness
      + Still looks good
      + Exhaust note that pops and barks

      Do not likes:

      - Trunk/rear seat space is a joke -- this is the first car I've bought that I cannot fully fit a full-sized bicycle into without taking the front wheel off. Plus, the trunk opening is narrow so there a surprising amount of what I'd consider to be reasonably-sized cargo I can't fit inside just because of that. (You also can't fold down the rear seats from inside the car. That's just stupid.)
      - The transmission gets very dimwitted and bogs down something fierce at times when accelerating from a low speed crawl
      - The steering is currently making an increasingly annoying noise at low speed when it's cold or wet outside
      Last edited by VarianceVQ; 05-14-2019 at 01:11 PM.
      Next car desires subject to change... Perpetually.

    17. Don't be me. Don't be a 'Rick' Cabin Pics's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 19th, 2008
      In The Woods
      2004 E46, 2018 SQ5
      05-14-2019 01:16 PM #41
      This thread is good.

      Ban Hawc before this happens again.
      Instagram - efrie004

      Buy my E46 sport springs. H&R part # 29485 - PM for details.

    18. Member bothhandsplease's Avatar
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      Oct 6th, 2011
      SF Bay Area
      SQ5, Allroad, & Miata
      05-14-2019 01:21 PM #42
      2015 SQ5

      1. Power of the tuned V6 is great
      2. Space is nice to haul all my junk
      3. Blends in nicely

      1. Not a wagon
      2. Doesn't have a 6MT
      3. Too tall/big

    19. 05-14-2019 01:25 PM #43
      Quote Originally Posted by Cabin Pics View Post
      This thread is good.

      Ban Hawc before this happens again.
      I made a good one!

    20. 05-14-2019 01:25 PM #44
      2004 VW Golf R32:

      3 things I :

      1) OE ergonomics
      2) Wavetrac + TT Cam upgrade
      3) OG factor w/ original paint & glass

      1 thing I :

      1) 15-year worn Konig seat bolsters
      Quote Originally Posted by saron81 View Post
      Would you people PLEASE stop typing those symbols before the "R"!!

    21. Member masa8888's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 5th, 2003
      Reston VA
      2019 VW Atlas SEL R-Line, 2000 911 Carrera, 2005 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro
      05-14-2019 01:36 PM #45
      + massive interior space
      + tech (adaptive cruise, Apple CarPlay and backup camera are all great)
      + comfort

      - massive exterior size makes parking a challenge in some spots
      - fuel economy
      - some signs of cost cutting in interior trim pieces

      + handling and steering feel
      + very pleasing power band and induction noise
      + stance (H&R springs, spacers, and stock Sport Design wheels)

      - fried egg head lights (both looks and output)
      - steering wheel (I don't have the 3-spoke sport wheel)
      - seats (I don't have the sport seats)

      + love the looks
      + exhaust sound (especially on cold starts)
      + 1 owner car with full service history

      - long term reliability makes me nervous
      - 1st gen DSG is clunky in stop and go traffic
      - interior head room is bad for anyone over 6 feet

    22. Member KingUnderpants's Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 8th, 2004
      Ontario, Canada
      1996 Porsche 911, 2006 Acura CSX
      05-14-2019 01:36 PM #46
      1996 Porsche 911

      Three things I :

      1) The sound! With Fister III mufflers it sounds just epic.

      2) The smell. Sounds weird I acknowledge...smells like leather mixed with a bit of engine oil.

      3) Reliability. 5+ years of ownership and haven't had any issues. The thing is a tank.

      I could go on and on...

      Three things I :

      1) Crazy air-cooled prices. I know this is a first world problem and it sounds a bit dickish on my part, but the fact that it's now worth double what I paid for it makes me be more selective about where and how I drive it.

      2) Porsche tax. Although not the worst car for paying the Porsche tax, some of the prices for 993 parts are crazy. $1200USD for spark plug wires from the dealership (yes i know there are aftermarket).

      3) That's it really... just two.

    23. Senior Member 6cylVWguy's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 14th, 2000
      Blog Entries
      '18 Jeep SRT; '11 M3 ZCP; '94 SLC
      05-14-2019 01:43 PM #47
      Among the cars I drive on a regular/semi regular basis:

      2011 Hyundai Tucson GLS:

      -Excellent reliability
      -Not afraid to drive or park anywhere
      -Very smooth automatic

      -Horribly slow
      -Styling is a bit questionable
      -Ride is too hard for what it is

      2011 BMW M3

      -Engine is a masterpiece---ITBs and 8k+ redline is a special experience
      -The ride/handling balance is about perfect
      -Fairly reliable. I've spent about $500 fixing broken/worn parts on the car since I've owned it (almost 4 yrs)

      -I don't hate anything about the car. I'm not a huge fan of the weak brakes for anything beyond regular street driving, the so-so steering feel, and I wouldn't complain if the car had a few more ft/lbs of torque.

      2018 Jeep GC SRT

      --Engine. It's fantastic. I'll take large displacement NA torque all day over turbo-generated torque.
      --Noise. Sounds amazing, and in 95% of instances, I'll take large displacement NA noise all day over turbo-generated noise.
      --Brakes. I love the brakes in this vehicle---very strong with a nicely firm pedal

      --Tech: Has some decent tech in some areas, but I dislike a lot of the safety tech
      --Handling: Once I got the car and started pushing it, I realized it's a lot more tippy feeling than I was expecting and more the the hyundai
      --Mileage: I knew this going in so it's not a surprise, but I guess the magnitude of the poor mileage is surprising. But it seems to be getting better as the engine breaks in.

    24. Member VWAudiRally's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 3rd, 2006
      Northern Virginia
      05-14-2019 02:04 PM #48
      95 S6

      1. Understated look.
      2. 5-cylinder turbo w/Stromung exhaust sounds fantastic.
      3. Hauls ass.

      1. Spends most of it's life parked in the garage because my commute doesn't give me the opportunity to drive more than 40-45mph.
      2. Parts are getting harder to find, and small issues can be a PITA to correct.
      3. Will never be worth anywhere near what it costs to maintain.

      08 Passat Wagon

      1. It's quick (APR Stage 2) and has surprised "faster" cars on more than one occasion.
      2. Euro bits readily available and very easy to fit.
      3. Interior styling has aged incredibly well, and no rattles/trim issues, even with 150k+ miles.

      1. Automatic transmission is meh in the same way all VW automatics are.
      2. Suspension needs to be overhauled(all original at 150k+).
      3. Engine/exhaust note isn't the best.

      16 Touareg

      1. Equipped far better than it's badge suggests.
      2. None of my neighbors have one.
      3. Wife is very happy with it.

      1. Gas V6 is underpowered.
      2. No tuning potential.
      3. Price of parts/accessories is outrageous.
      1995.5 S6 2.2T
      2008 Passat 2.0T
      2016 Touareg V6 Lux

    25. Member iamnotemo's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 6th, 2003
      Lynchburg, VA
      05-14-2019 02:13 PM #49
      2015 FRS

      1. Chassis is pretty much perfect
      2. Stupidly good fuel economy for driving it like you have to
      3. Comfort on long trips is surprisingly good and as an only car its quite practical

      1. Subaru paint quality
      2. OEM Suspension tuning, KW coilovers have rectified this
      3. I feel like the wipers are missing a speed.... Three set speeds and intermittent would be preferred.

    26. Member steelgatorb8's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 12th, 2017
      Pittsburgh, PA
      2014 Ford Focus ST, 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport
      05-14-2019 02:14 PM #50
      2014 Ford Focus ST

      3 Things I

      1. So much fun to rip this thing on back roads
      2. Quick Go-Kart like Steering Rack
      3. The leather (pleather) Recaro seats with heat

      3 Things I
      1. The HUGE turning radius
      2. The TINY gas tank (According to a letter from Ford related to this recall I shouldn't let it go below a half tank which means there is a good chance that when you are reading this I am at a gas station filling it up)
      3. The slowness of the Sync screen

      2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport

      3 Things I

      1. Perfect balance between Sport and Luxury driving feel for a CUV
      2. ZF Transmission
      3. Quiet, Comfortable, and Relaxing interior space

      3 Things I
      1. The stupid BMW-esque turn signal stalk
      2. The auto wipers can't seem to find a middle ground - either too eager to wipe or don't sense rain on the windshield quick enough
      3. Rear windshield wiper does not have an intermittent function

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