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    1. Member jiffyjetta's Avatar
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      05-13-2019 11:08 PM #1
      I have been an automotive technician for a long time and have grown to hate my career choice. After some looking around, I found a great paying job at a machine shop. This shop has a long history with my family and is a great place to work. However, it is part of a union.
      I have a few questions about unions.
      Layoffs- how does this usually work? Does the union pay my unemployment, or does the state pay it?
      Union dues- do they rape you? Are benefits usually included in the dues, or are they separate?
      Strikes- do I have to go on strike? I really don't care and will continue working if possible as I want the pay.
      I'd also like to know what your opinion is on unions? Tell your experience with them please.
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      05-14-2019 12:12 PM #2
      was in one for 15 yrs and didn't like it. Talented/ambitious enough the union didn't do anything for me.

      Layoffs are seniority based but the can fudge around with titles/classifications to work around it.

      Unemployment is state (strike fund is union)

      you don't have to strike but crossing the line would be a mistake

      dues are up to union...most of the time mine were cheap...when we switched to being part of the Steel workers they became expensive (5-8 hrs month)

      Some Unions have decent relationships with the shop. That helps ask about how long contract is good for and strike history.
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