- Illinois is giving you less reason to buy electric cars.
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      Quote Originally Posted by AZGolf View Post

      It actually peaked all the way back in 2001 and the migration started after 1996 when the US government cut off the money spigot for PR. They went from a welfare baby of the US to something even worse - they aren't independent, so they don't have autonomy but they also aren't a state, thus they can't vote and effectively have no representation. The best thing at this point would be to grant PR its independence and sign a Compact of Free Association with them, such as the USA has with the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau. PR is simply way too big to treat it like it's Guam II.
      Looks like a steady drop of 30k to 70k until 2017 when there was sizable drop of 110k. I know central FL got a ton of PR hurricane refugees.

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      01-03-2020 08:59 PM #127
      Looks like Utah is raising rates to register EVs and hybrids. However they are giving people the much more fair option to pay 1.5c per mile driven. I think that all registrations should move to this model, as it is fair for everyone.

      Utahns with EVs have an alternative. Instead of paying that flat fee, they can enroll in the pilot program that involves fitting a telematics device to the car. The device tracks the actual number of miles driven on Utah's roads. These are billed at a rate of 1.5c/mile, but only until the total equals whatever that year's registration fee for the vehicle would have been; participating in the pilot means you could pay less than you would otherwise, but Utah's Department of Transportation says that participants would not ever be charged more than that year's registration fee. The data will be collected by a contractor called Emovis,*which operates toll roads*around the US

    4. 01-14-2020 05:24 PM #128
      Quote Originally Posted by Mike! View Post
      I happened to read that one. It depends on the value of the trade-in.

      Before, a trade-in up to $20,000 reduced the tax payable on the purchase of the new car. Now it's going down to $10,000. You still only pay tax on the difference over the $10,000.

      I agree the nickel & diming is stupid though.
      The state is kicking bankruptcy down the road.
      But its going to happen.
      Boiler Up!

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