Any other old guys getting back into skating?

I'm 47 skated all the time from 86-92. Got out of it in college. Fast forward to today, my 9 year old is getting into skating.
Dusted off the old Tommy Guerrero from back in the day and have been cruising around with him. Having a great time.

Not quite like riding a bike. I can cruise around, do some tiny ollies, little slides and that's about it.
Enough to impress the kid for the moment.

Not sure how much more will come back. I think I'll get more confident with time on the board. The pop from the old days isn't there anymore. Not sure if that will come back.

Amazing how the industry has developed. So many companies, skate parks everywhere, super cool.
We're going to check out the local park soon.

Ordered him a new set up this week. Overwhelming choices. Not familiar with any of the new brands. Everything is a popsicle, lol. The shape actually makes a lot of sense. Decided on an Almost resin7 deck for the kick 7.5". Suppose to be more durable, have great pop and its Rodney Mullen's company.

We'll see how things progress the summer.