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      2013 Audi A3 Premium Plus S-Line Quattro - Nav and Sunroof - Brilliant Black - APR Stage 2
      05-19-2019 03:26 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by strangetdi View Post

      As far as rear adjustment:

      "The best way to do the rear would be to take any preload out of the spring, unbolt the shock and thread up or down the lower piece of the shock.

      The best and simplest method to setting the rear height is to set the spring perch height first and then adjusting the shock height to ensure proper preload is set into the spring.
      An alternate method that is also correct: let the spring free hang and set the shock height - then crank the preload into the shock after the shock is mounted into the car."
      So I experimented with the rears this morning with the current springs. Very straight forward procedure: All I did was remove the control arm bolt while the spring was supported by the jack, then slowly released it, and removed the spring. I then unbolted the bottom of the shock and turned it so it was extended another inch. Forgot about the auto leveling, but thankfully it not break. Put it all together and went for a test drive. All felt good. I left the spring perch position as it was, thinking that I would release some of the overloading, and the spring would push back up a little...

      Nope...adjusting the shock length did nothing. The ride height is still the same, the spring is still in the same compressed position and did not expand even a little, which leads me (and you others) to believe I need stiffer springs, since the current 5kg springs are compressed this low due to only weight, and I think any shock adjustment without stiffer springs will do anything to increase ride height.

      Do you guys see anything I did incorrectly or are my assumptions correct?

      I requested the new springs last week. I hopefully I get them this week.

      I really wanted to put on my summer wheels today. Maybe next weekend.....

      Some pics:

      Last edited by strangetdi; 05-19-2019 at 07:37 PM.
      2013 Audi A3 Premium Plus S-Line Quattro - Nav and Sunroof - Brilliant Black - APR Stage 2, APR intake, turbo inlet pipe and downpipe, GFB DV+, S3 Matt Chrome Mirror covers, aspherical mirrors, Maxton Design RS3 Rear Spoiler Extension, RS3 Badgeless Grille, P3Cars Vent Multi-Gauge, ORT (Open Road Tuning) RS Spec Coilovers...more to come.

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