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    1. 05-02-2019 04:24 AM #1
      To learn the story behind skateboarding, we must go back to the 1920s. At first, skateboarding had a shy start, not many knew it; when It became popular, everyone wanted to try. From the ’20s to the year 2012, skateboarding progressed in many ways. This industry is becoming fiercer each time there’s a new announcement. Behold, the next generation of skateboarding is just around the corner.

      In the ’20s, the first skateboard emerged. This first model, that was used between the ’20s and the ’30s, was assembled in metal, having three wheels. The next model, in the ’40s, included the fourth wheel and was made in aluminum. Skateboarding was becoming popular, and many people in the 50’s started to make their own home-made version with wood instead. In the ’60s a new model was launched: skateboards were now manufactured. It was around this time that Val Surf, in California, started selling their own manufactured skateboards, being the first shop to do so. If you are looking for your skateboard >> read my blog

      Teenagers even had a popular name for skateboarding: Sidewalk Surfing. This trend was influential on everything, especially the maneuvers, and inspiration for fashion. These were brilliant years for skateboarding, and the sport was booming everywhere. Skateboard suppliers had difficulty to complete the constant orders. At the same time, the first skateboarding magazines start to pop up, like SKATEBOARDER, and Surf Magazine. The first known competition was held in the ’60s with the endorsement of the brand Makaha, in Hermosa, California.

      The name Makaha comes from the first skate built with fibreflex, which means a laminated board. In Anaheim, California, the first Skate Park was born along with a successful shoe factory for skaters. Also, in Canada, more specifically in Quebec, the skate fever was high. Even having increasing popularity, many people still saw skateboarding as dangerous and overall bad and were against it.

      Around the ’70s, skateboarding explodes all over. The first models with urethane wheels were launched: The Cadillac Wheels, made by Frank Nasworthy. A couple of years on, Road Rider launches their new wheels using precision bearings, and that’s the end of old Cadillac Wheels.

      The first trucks, specific for skateboarding, were made by Ron Bennett, along with other hardware that was popping up: tunnel products, stoker trucks, and Gull Wing Trucks. See also: What Size Truck Do I need at skateadvisors
      At the same time, the first protective gear specifically for skaters is launched. New skateboarding companies were launched like Sims Skateboards our Dogtown Skates. The first teams, like Zephyr from Santa Monica, were formed, and new associations related to skateboarding started to emerge like the U.S Skateboard Association (USSA), or World Skateboard Association (WSA).

      The intention of these teams and associations was to reunite skaters and make them share experiences, which happened successfully. Trans-World Skateboarding and Thrasher were two of the magazines to be first published in the ’80s. And let's not forget about fashion: With Vision Street Wear, skateboarding was everywhere. Along with popularity, the difficulty of tricks increased too, and a beginner may experience some issues at first.

      The world lived a violent recession at the beginning of the ’90s, and the skateboarding industry was no exception. Even so, skateboarding was still alive and kicking in street performances, which called the attention of the industry. Skateboarding rises again in the mid-’90s. The creation of competitions like ‘Extreme Games’, best known nowadays by X-Games, gave great visibility to the sport. Old school skating was high and street style was the most preferred.

      The media contributed a lot in 2000, and skateboarding was now bigger than ever. In 2004, the number of skate parks rose to 2000. A new speed record was set for downhill boarding: 81 mph (In the 20’s it was 6.6 mph). A few years ago, the same estate that saw the birth of skateboarding also banned downhill boarding, and because of that, the sport is getting weaker in the area. It never happened before, but maybe someday skateboarding will make it to the Olympic Games. In the olypim period, skateboarders need to carefully prepare the best skateboard, read more: beginner skateboard

      These are new times for skateboarding, with a fresh generation. Its popularity remains high, and the tendency is to continue rising. Like any rollercoaster, skateboarding survived many highs and lows. The comeback will always be powerful and surprising, let’s set our eyes on the new generation and see what they do next with this amazing Sport!
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