2012 GLI with approx 113k. Owned the car since new and have used "M" most of the time.."D" shifts too early for where i live and it shifts constantly. JUST Recently started having DSG issues. and I've had DSG fluid serviced at the proper mileage times. **so the issues are....i noticed the first issue was while downshifting in "M" it was delayed and felt like in a manual transmission slipping the clutch pedal really slowly. and once i came to the end of the exit ramp it felt like clutch didnt disengage at all. At the next intersection i noticed the transmission was not down shifting on its own like before. parked at work for the evening and in the AM to head home I did the learned data reset and let the car warm like normal(1-2mins)...select "M" and start to pull away approx 20 feet from my parking spot the transmission seems like it disengaged the clutch while moving and just rev'd up. depressed the brake and came to a top and the transmission shifted back into gear and worked fine the rest of the way home..downshifts were back to being crisp and quick and it down shifted on its own at the end of the exit ramp. when i went to take my kid to the bus stop it did the clutch disengagement and rev'd up again while leaving my drive way and while leaving the bus stop to come back to my house.
i've searched all over the inter-webs for someone that has had the same issue and have had no luck finding anything. Maybe someone will have some insight?
no flashing PRND lights in the dash.

thanks in advance for any assistance