I am selling my 1994 Audi S4, with emerald paint and black interior.
Car has just a bit over 300k kms on it. Located in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
Here are all the mods done to it, just waiting to have the turbo put in it.

-New ACDelco D585 Coils with custom harness
-New Aurora Electronics custom spark plug wires
-New HPR Engine Mounts Epic Motor Mounts - HPR
-New 034 density transmission mounts
-New 034 Poly Snub Mount + Bracket
-Used resurfaced 7A flywheel
-New Southbend HD Stage 2 Endurance Clutch
-New rear main crank seal replaced at same time of clutch/flywheel
-New starter + clutch slave cylinder also replaced same time
-New timing belt + tensioner + water pump + coolant + cam sensor + serpentine belt + crank bolt + crank pulley replaced ~30000 kms ago so has a bit of life left in it
-New front main crank and cam seal replaced at time of timing belt replacement
-New valve cover seal
-Replaced grease in dry propshaft cv joint, new bolts for flanges
-New Apikol short shifter (one that replaces linkage between gearshift and transmission as well as all bushings)
-New 034 Short shifter (one that replaces parts/bushings at the actual gearshift)
-New delrin 034 weighted gearshift handle
-New O2 sensor
-New Phenolic spacer on intake manifold (ricer moment)
-All coolant hoses have been replaced including one from turbo
-New plastic �~T�TM thermostat fitting
-New 034 aluminium block coolant fitting
-All coolant sensors/switches have been replaced
-Injectors have all been tested and are good
-New silicon PCV hoses and valves
-New aux water pump
-New radiator expansion tank cap
-New ac/heater control valve
-Always use Rotella oil + Mann oil filters
-New fuel injector seals
-New fuel filter

-Used (92US/Can) 1BE Sport Springs imported from a German model 1994 URS4
-New Koni Sport shocks/struts all around
-New strut bushings/upper suspension parts/hardware replaced at same time
-Modified strut caps for alignment
-New Continental Extreme Contact DW Z Rated tires on Stock Fuchs rims
-New front subframe poly mount
-New front oem rubber sway bar bushings
-New control arms/ball joints + bushings
-All hardware changed with new OEM hardware.
-New Delrin rear subframe mounts, custom from Europe
-New Apikol blue rear diff mount
-New 034 differential carrier bushings - solid
-All other bushings in the entire car have been replaced whenever possible with poly and if not, 034 version or new oem rubber-I have a spreadsheet somewhere with all the parts listed
-All other hardware in the entire car suspension have been replaced with new OEM
-New rear brake calipers + ebrake cables+ rotors + pads
-New steering/brake pump �~X�TM plug
-New wheel bearings all around
-Many parts painted with POR15

-Probably one of the only URS4 cars in North America that have a Bi-Xenon(low/hi) projector retrofit for the low beam projector. When high beam is switched on, you get standard halogen high beam + hid high beam. Used OEM hella ballasts were also used for this retrofit + proper Philips D2S HID bulbs you can buy at any auto store. None of this ghetto HID stiff in halogen enclosures.
-Euro headlight lenses.
-Plastic rock headlight shields
-Actual working retractable stock antenna (repaired with oe parts)
-Everything works apart from the drivers heated seat (typical) and have not really tried the IR Key at all.
-Bosectomy has been performed. New speaker wires have been pulled to all speaker locations as well as some rca cables to the back in case a sub+amp wants to be added in the future.
-Analog phone and all related parts have been removed. You can use your armrest for whatever purpose you would like.
-New ignition switch
-New HVAC blower

-Custom fitted car cover included
-Body is not completely pristine but is in pretty good shape. A paint job or repair was the last thing on my list of things to do.
-Drivers seat has the typical tear in the bolster, but other than that everything is good.
-Stock VW wiper blades with refills

If you want pictures, I will have some available starting early July.
Asking about CA$6500 for the car.
For pictures look at the kijiji ad.
Respond/pm me here or contact also on the kijiji ad.