These ABT Sportsline DR wheels came on my 2017 CPO MK7 R. It had 17.8k miles when I purchased it and there were approximately 24.5k miles on the car when I took them off. Unfortunately, I do not have any details for when the wheels were initially installed on the car, therefore am not sure of total mileage on the wheels.

I'm only selling these wheels as I was able to get my hands on some HREs to replace them.

The fitment shown below is on stock suspension with no spacers.


Brand: ABT
Model: Sportline DR
Color: Mystic Black
Size: 20 x 9j
PCD: 5x112
Offset: et40
Hub Bore: 66.5mm (ABT 57.1mm centering rings included)
General Condition rating: 8.5

No curb rash, no visible cracks and only a few very light scratches here and there as would be expected with typical usage. I would feel plenty comfortable grading them a 9 honestly, but they are used and I don't know about their usage before my ownership, so 8.5 it is.

Price: $2500 w/ tires, shipped

I'm in San Diego, CA and am more than willing to arrange pickup in the general SoCal area, PM for specifics. For shipping, I have access to very good quality packing materials, so they will be well protected and sent via FedEx.


Brand: Linglong
Model: Crosswinds
Size: 235 / 30R20

I want to be perfectly honest here, I had never heard of this brand. After looking them up, it seems they have a solid reputation as a budget-minded (Walmart link here ), moderate performance option. As to be expected, these are by no means Michelin PS4Ss or even Hankook Ventus 2s, but I'm in the industry and have to admit these tires were much better than I first expected them to be. An all around "solid" tire given the sidewall, moderate stretch and "lesser known" brand. There is a ton of a life left in them, they're mounted and balanced and actually look pretty good all things considered. Tire depth gauge readings show all tires are in the 8 - 9/32nds range. I believe these tires were put on new by the dealer, which explains the excellent remaining tread and general condition.

See additional pics below for close ups of each wheel, tire tread depths, etc.

Wheel 1

Wheel 2

Wheel 3

Wheel 4

General Face Profile / Geometry