- FS: 2002 Allroad 6-speed. North-West Connecticut. 130k miles. $3250
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      Up for grabs is my 2.7 Allroad. I have owned it for just over a year, and have full maintenance records dating back to 2012.
      The car overall is in very good condition. I work from home, and only drive this car maybe 3-4 times per month. I have put approx 5k miles on it.
      Having owned several S4's, I always wanted a 2.7 6-speed Allroad. This has been a great car, comfortable, quiet, and I've loved the extra interior room the C5 body gives (although it's sacrificed in engine bay clearance)..
      Sadly, we are relocating for work to the other side of the country, and this won't be coming with us.

      There is 1 intermittent MIL present for a sensor.
      Per vag-com, the code is 01435-27-10 -- Brake Pressure Sensor 1.

      Engine/Transmission: 8/10
      No CEL/stored DTC's.
      Timing Belt, Waterpump, Serpentine Belt replaced at 109,000 miles.
      The engine is completely stock, and to my knowledge has never been tuned or modified.
      Turbos spin happily with no dentist's drill and spool with all the might of stock turbos...
      I took care of a few small maintenance items when I first bought it at roughly 125,000 miles: valve cover gaskets, cam plugs, spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter.
      It does still have an oil seep somewhere. I covered the main leaks with the valve cover gaskets, but sadly I haven't had time to locate the leak. I would estimate that it loses about a cap-full of oil if it sits for 2 weeks. It's a very small leak. It's most pronounced when the car turns on and burns off any residue.
      The Flex Pipes in the downpipes have begun to leak. I purchased the parts, but have not had time to replace them. I can include them with the car.

      The 6-Speed manual still shifts smoothly and shows no sign of clutch issues or shift collar wear.

      Interior: 8/10
      Never owned by smoker.
      All cup holders work!
      Auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass
      Auto-dimming, power folding side mirrors
      The seats are in surprising good shape for the car's age. Save for 1 small tear in the driver's seat base, there are no other tears, burns, scrapes, stains, etc.
      Power Driver and Passenger seats
      Headliner in pristine condition. Not 1 mark.
      Car has cold weather package, which includes front and rear heated seats, Heated Steering wheel, and heated side-view mirrors.
      The Radio has a pixelated display. It is annoying, but it works fine.
      Some of the buttons on the climate control have been excessively worn.
      The MFA in the gauge cluster works fine when the car is cold, however it will pixelate after the car has been running for a while. Fairly common in Audi's from this time period that used the LCD Display.

      Exterior: 7/10
      The paint has held up very well. There are a few small dings here and there from the car's life, however there is only 1 large dent that I haven't tackled. The Passenger side fender has a dent right on a body line. I am not sure if it can be accessed from the wheel well.
      1 of 2 keyfobs works for the keyless entry. Both work in the door and for starting/driving the car. 1 fob may just have a dead battery.

      Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain: 8/10
      All brakes have been serviced within the past 15k miles.
      Master Cylinder, brake lines, rotors, pads, and Front Calipers were all replaced at 115,384 miles.
      128,000 miles - All Air Suspension components REMOVED and replaced with coilover conversion kit from Audis4parts. Kit includes new front uprights, lower control arms, ABS sensors, and strut assemblies from A6. Also replaced front upper control arms, tie rods, wheel bearings, rear control arms.
      130,402 miles - Alignment done by Valenti Audi in Watertown

      Asking price is $3,250.
      I am somewhat flexible on price, as I need to sell it in a timely fashion with our imminent move.
      I am not interested in any trades.

      Link to Craigslist Ad:

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      Apr 2nd, 2006
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      Up top.

      2 Test-Drives already!

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