This weekend I drove about 3 hours up and then back down a mountain road. Not a dirt road as someone already suggested. I did in fact race some idiot once I got back on the highway, and got my first check engine light about an hour after that.
Immediately scanned it for codes and it said “Wastegate Stuck Open/Closed.” No, I didn’t write down the PO Code because I’m dumb and just trusted the written words.
Since it’s not building much boost and the spool sounds more high pitched, I’m assuming it’s stuck open and not building pressure? Very worried it’s a bad Turbo. I’m a noob when it comes to the 2.0. It’s a bone stock 2.0 FSI.
Seen some posts saying they ended up with a new turbo and some saying they replaced the valve and actuator. Which do you guys think I should be expecting? I don’t have much extra money on hand since I just bought a house. These things always seem to happen at the perfect time right?
Please help!