- B7 Audi S4 4.2L swap question
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    1. 04-14-2019 06:45 AM #1
      it's been hashed out here a few times but I think the last thread I saw was dated back in 2015 or so.

      I'm looking Audi S4 that has the 4.2l but is need of replacing

      I know the 2.7tt swapinto these has been done and three are pros/cons for remaining both.

      What I can tell is if I want to keep and swap in another 4.2L it will be about $2500-3000 for theengine and then a pile of money to do the routine maintenance(assuming thereare no records for the engine
      If I do the 2.7TT swapit looks about 1500-2000 for the engine will some money for maintenance parts.
      I’m not scared of the workand although I’m no custom fabricator with a degree in Audi Science I havemultiple people that would help out.

      Question is, what is acar with a blown engine worth anyway?
      Trying to figure out what a good example of a S4 Avant would sell forand back the pricing up from there.

      Like the seller islooking to get around the $3g mark, I figure the car in good shape would beworth around 8-10g to the right buyer, also it has the not very sought afterAuto-Tip trans

      Any help beyond “googleit” or “use the search” would be greatly appreciated.
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    3. 04-20-2019 10:53 AM #2
      I looking at an 05 sedan this morning, 98k miles, dealer serviced, and immaculate, asking price is $6k,,seen them out there 8-10k
      With a bad motor I wouldn't pay more than $1500, if the motor was not taken care of, what else are you going to find wrong?

    4. 04-24-2019 05:15 AM #3
      Seems the car sold in under 3 days at the listed price......Found another 2004 Wagon, 190k maunal however no records of chains/engine work. currently had p0300 and p0303 Asking 5500, black on black leather good condition, needs a polish. Thoughts?

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