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      Quote Originally Posted by compy222 View Post
      the 460 doesn't have a t-belt, it's a chain. the 460's are a bit more efficient, but don't expect crazy MPGs in a BOF and fairly heavy vehicle. on taller and heavier A/T tires i get around 17-18mpg highway and around 16mpg overall average. Most reports I see on 470s are an MPG or two lower.

      the 470 is a 2-UZ motor - 4.7L making (in VVT trim) around 270hp, the 460 is a 4.6L 1-UR motor making around 300hp by comparison. the 460 is heavier by around 500 pounds, so that 30hp didn't change it's acceleration or speed much.

      i'd mention the landcruiser prado (GX/4runner platform overseas) is used by the UN as a vehicle they send to conflict zones...they are exceedingly well built and reliable.

      So I drove my friend's GX470 yesterday. It was pretty nice, felt about the same size as my 4th Gen 4Runner. The engine does feel a bit smoother than my V6, but in my opinion wasn't a crazy crazy difference. Maybe just a bit more effortless in the lower RPM range. I also punched it and yeah it felt good, but didn't feel like a big difference in acceleration against my 4Runner.

      The GX feels a bit softer and less sporty than my 4Runner, I think with my XREAS suspension I'd give it an edge for on-road handling. Both our cars are running 17's with 265/70 AT's, so very similar tire setup. Mine does have a spacer lift though.

      All in all, I did like the GX470 and given my 4Runner is 2WD, I may still consider selling my 4Runner to pick one up. Wouldn't mind trying a GX460 next. And also a new 4Runner, as I forgot what they drive like.
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