- Need Some Help (B5 S4)
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    1. 04-09-2019 01:01 PM #1
      Hey everyone!
      New to this forum, as I'm purchasing my first b5 S4 as a project car that needs the whole front end rebuilt. I'm mostly familiar with the 1.8t variant, as I've built a mk1 TT.

      The 2.7t engine and b5 chassis is something I haven't worked on before. Wondering if anyone has a parts break down diagram of the front end of these b5 s4s that I could use as a reference. It would help to see all the parts behind the front bumper so I make sure not to forget anything or put it in the wrong place. The car is an 02' s4 with 117k in red. Everything in front of the engine is busted, but intercoolers are fine, and I have a core support for it. Any advice or photos of front ends with out bumpers with help out. Or even just a parts list will help out. I just need all the info and images I can get my hands on so that I can begin to order parts.

      Also, what parts are shared with the a4? radiator, bumper pieces?

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    3. n00b
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      06-14-2019 02:05 PM #2
      Oh boy, can of worms right there. I see this is an older post, are you still looking for info on these?

      here's post that could help you get a good idea of what everything looks like. unfortunately the whole car is over engineered so your going to find things that you have no idea where they go sometimes. I guess thats wrenching on any car though isn't it?

      Mechanically speaking there isn't very many thing that crossover from a A4 to an S4, you'll get some crossover form the 2.8 and a quattro but over all the parts are specific to the s4. Like the core support might be the same (and I'm guessing here) but the bumpers are not, nor is the hood. All in all the b5 s4 is its own animal. Audizine is a good forum to go ask questions, there doesn't seem to be that much activity on this one. you would have had a response in the first few day for sure. Anyways, welcome to the fam.

    4. Member GRMNMUSL's Avatar
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      06-27-2019 10:22 PM #3
      Actually S4 and A4 share a lot of common parts... Minus the turbo components.
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