So I got bored and wanted to see what it would take to slap a turbo on my 02 Golf, so I got a few things for it and a cheap eBay turbo kit and ran it for 9 months fine on factory software, just had to be careful and stay out of boost under higher loads to avoid leaning out, so I decided to stop being lazy and get the ecu tuned. Sent it to United Motorsport for the stage 1 Low compression F/I tune, (my engine is 9:1), got the 440 injectors and 3” maf housing installed and when I started it I had to keep it running or it would fall on its face (probably cause the battery died). Charged the battery and got the car to run and drive but if I go past about 1/4 throttle it dumps too much fuel and starts to missfire until I either let off a little or engage clutch. I haven’t check actual fuel trim values yet but my afr gauge is always around 11.8-13.5 on start up if warm and idle is 11ish, but too much throttle gives is too rich and it just goes to 10.0 being the lowest it shows. Thinking of checking the coil pack next but it’s fairly new, and brand new ngk plugs and wires. Any help or advice is appreciated