Hey, I don't have a garage so i have to wash/wax outdoors and can't wait around for hazing and stuff more than once a year. Been sort of a turtlewax meguiar whatever is at the market not really pay much attention to all this guy but want to get a little more serious. I have a gallon of some older meguiar soap I'll probably use up but was interested in getting a foam gun, maybe follow up with a little clay as needed and was hoping to use a spray wax like chemical guys banana wax or optimum spray wax something I could apply easier with more frequency. Maybe use Optimum ferrex once a month or somethin in wheels and body and poorboys world pink wheel sealant. Possibly optimum tire gel and a bunch of different microfobers from the rag company. Whatcha think this seem like good enough regiment? And then maybe pay a professional once a year for some serious decontamination and Protection. So many products out there. It's tough doing this stuff streetside gotta keep it simple.