- Pixel 3 text input getting laggy
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    1. Senior Member Son's Avatar
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      Aug 10th, 2000
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      03-15-2019 04:45 AM #1
      I got a Pixel 3 this week and have been using it only for a few days now. After some time of typing the keyboard gets annoyingly laggy. Restarting the phone seems to help everytime, but yeah, that's not ideal, the keyboard gets slow quite soon thereafter with some use. And I've installed all available updates, so whatever fixes Google has put out should be on my phone.

      Anyone else experiencing this?

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    3. Member XClayX's Avatar
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      Apr 30th, 2005
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      04-15-2019 10:09 PM #2
      I found my Galaxy s9+ like that after a few days. What ever recent patch they threw out a few months ago really helped with it. I know Samsung vs Google... One of the internet theories at the time was Facebook IM was partly the blame for burning up ram. Kindof makes sense, my "free" ram was always at 250mbs or something dumb like that. Now its 2-3gbs depending on open apps.

      Restarting the phone made it all better for another few days.

    4. 04-26-2019 03:01 AM #3
      Same stuff with any Xperia xz2. I tried to get rid of some pre-installed apps because my ram and free space were burning to fast. Apparently, you can just disable it - That concerns that Facebook app particularly. Complete uninstall is possible only on a rooted device. Oh well. This review of avg cleaner for xperia says it has app manager, I checked it and would say it's more useful than the standard one. All I need to do now is just launch this cleaner twice per day until I get a new phone...

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