- P2789 - Should I be worried?
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    1. Member scorch07's Avatar
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      May 17th, 2011
      '10 Audi A3, '07 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition
      03-11-2019 09:56 PM #1
      So I recently picked up a 2010 A3, 2.0TSI with 80,000 miles on it. It's in fantastic shape and, from all indications, was religiously maintained at the dealer. LOVE the car! I knew being an earlier TSI model I may have a few issues that I was prepared for (timing chain tensioner, water pump, etc), but I finally got to do a full scan today and got something unexpected - fault P2789 on the transmission - Clutch Adaptive Learning at Limit.

      The car seems to be driving fine. The feel from takeoff is a bit different than what I'm used to, perhaps a bit more juddery but just felt like a clutch grabbing instead of a torque converter, so I have just chalked it up to being a different type of transmission. But I guess it could be related?

      I cleared the fault just to see if it comes back. Carfax says the transmission was serviced at 66k, but I don't know if it was done at all before that. Would it be worth trying to check the fluid level and/or just changing it? Even though it was done about 15k ago. Or am I likely looking at a clutch replacement and/or something worse?

      Not really sure what I'm looking at here since there are no real symptoms, but looking at the limited data on it looks like it could be a fairly serious problem...

      Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    3. Member daniel.ramirez's Avatar
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      Nov 23rd, 2001
      2009 A3, 2015 A1
      07-25-2019 03:30 AM #2
      did the code came back?
      2009 A3 S-line, RNS-E, Unitronic, and some more stuff... and now a 2015 A1, let the retrofits begin!

    4. Member
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      Aug 15th, 2018
      Los Angeles, CA, USA
      07-25-2019 05:28 AM #3
      You could always try a basic settings reset by VCDS/equivalent.

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