- Stage 2 APR idle problem
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    1. 03-03-2019 08:58 PM #1
      I currently have a Stage 2 2.6v APR Golf R 2017 and I notice that every time I stop for a fuel up. The engine has a rough idle feels like a misfire but no engine light has come on. This happens every time when im fueling up. Then goes away after 20mile drive. Anyone experience this issue?

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    3. 03-06-2019 11:12 AM #2
      I have the same issue.
      MK7R APR Stage 2, V2.5 - 38K miles
      It idles rough after fuel up and mostly goes away after driving a few miles.

      Honestly I am not sure what it is, but I only noticed it over the last year and I don't recall it happening the first 20-30K miles or so when I was mostly stage I up to that point.
      At first I thought it was bad gas at the local Shell station I used for weeks on end when prices went up (prices were very low at that place then) so I initially used a couple of bottles of B12 to see if it would help I also double checked the gap on the plugs which needed a bit of adjusting and both things did help, however it has not fully gone away. I do fuel up at a different Chevron station now. Always 93 oct.
      During that time I also did get a fuel sensor level error that I cleared and never came back.

      I should add that since then I do have a small misfire at idle and daily driving that will not trigger a CEL or cause the car to drive any different but I don't recall that being the case months before.

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      03-10-2019 12:27 AM #3
      Sounds like a purge valve not sealing and allowing gas vapors into the intake.

      Get a new purge valve and youll be good to go most likely.

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    6. 03-10-2019 12:38 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by Spoooolin View Post
      Sounds like a purge valve not sealing and allowing gas vapors into the intake.

      Get a new purge valve and youll be good to go most likely.
      Thanks guys im going to purchase it and see how it behaves. Hopefully it gets fix!

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    7. 03-11-2019 01:26 PM #5
      Let us know how it works out for you.
      It seems an easy fix and I am sure others are having the same issue.

    8. 04-20-2019 12:02 PM #6
      After 3 fuel stops the issue continues with new part installed.

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    9. 06-21-2019 05:29 PM #7
      did you get this resolved? idling is the hardest job the ecu has. try using the using the rs3 ignition coils and gap the plugs one step cooler. This should yield a larger ignition spark.

      doesnt apr recommend doing this anyway?

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      09-26-2019 12:12 AM #8
      or keep the 2 year old R coils and just gap the plugs. what's so superior about the RS3 coils anyway? (honest question)

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