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    1. 05-15-2019 10:30 PM #26

      I used to have a Martini edition MoMo mod 02 --- got it in the wayback day from a print edition Demon Tweeks mailorder catalog.

      Shoulda never sold it!

      I've always liked the 2 spoke style wheels.
      MoMo makes the mod02 and mod03 in that style,
      as well as an older Lotus JPS wheel of which I know not the designation:

      odd but appealing is the Sistema:

      Somewhat surprised to not see this yet,
      it's pretty damn nice:

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    3. You can't look at my avatar for just a second, can you? Just another GTI's Avatar
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      Aug 11th, 2002
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      05-15-2019 10:33 PM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Eddie View Post
      Share your favourite Momo related items (steering wheels etc.)
      Flat bottom steering wheels of nothing.

    4. Member Khyron's Avatar
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      Dec 5th, 2001
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      05-15-2019 10:56 PM #29

      I actually flew with it in my suitcase and put it on in a parking lot after buying the car.

    5. Member vasillalov's Avatar
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      Nov 4th, 2003
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      05-15-2019 11:19 PM #30
      I am currently sporting this Momo Drift in my track BMW 335i. It's a perfect fit for the E9x platform.

      Quote Originally Posted by MAG58 View Post
      Please consider your audience before saying something sensible. 80% of TCL drivers were actually banned from Formula 1 for being too fast.
      A turbocharger is a device in where exhaust gases go in, witchcraft happens, and then you go faster.

    6. 05-16-2019 10:25 AM #31
      Momo Monte Carlo but the little 320mm on that is extra thick is about as good as it gets.

    7. Member Hot Wheels's Avatar
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      Oct 31st, 2006
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      05-16-2019 10:56 AM #32
      How 'bout some toys..


    8. Member Pennywise's Avatar
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      Oct 18th, 2003
      San Francisco, CA
      05-16-2019 11:16 AM #33
      OEM NSX-R steering wheel is pretty cool.

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    9. 05-16-2019 12:13 PM #34
      Quote Originally Posted by rich! View Post
      rocked these mid-90s on the corrado...

      DAS RAD!

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