Hello,please can you help me with 01M transmission?
Its a Seat Ibiza 2001 1.6/74 kW petrol with 150 000 km (approximately 93 000 miles)
The problem is rpm flare and then hard shift from 2H to 3H and slipping from 4H to 4M and tranny will not shift in 4M,just slipping.
Interesting is when i release the gas pedal around 2500 rpm when it shift from 2 to 3 there is no rpm flare and the shift are not good but fine,the 4th gear always slip.
No matter if it hot or cold it is alwyas do the same.I dont know the right order of the gears but VCDS in measuring blocks 004 show me next when i tested the shifting:
1H,2H then flare and hard shift to 3H,4H and slipping with no gear but VCDS shows 4M.
I changed the fluid (red fluid) and filter in past 7 years 5 times and now once but it not help me.Also i replace the wiring harness 3 years ago because the 10 pin connector on the top was corroded.
I dont have any trouble codes but the engine oil is leaking from crankshaft (engine changed in 2017),i dont know if it affects the transmission.
I tried the fluid and filter change,adaptation via VCDS and manual adaptation,recoding to 00000,00011,00012 nothing helps.
The last thing i want to try is the line pressure adjustment with recommended 4 clicks-kerma mode.
Do you think that pressure increase with 4 clicks can help me?Especially with no 4th gear issue?