Hey guys,

thought I would share a little bit about this, hope it's helpful for others, a lot of aftermarket fuel systems, MS 1 V3, MS2, MS3, Microsquirt, SDS EM4, EM5, etc, etc having a fast idle or a Pulse Width Module is important for a nice warm up when the engine is cold and from what I uderstand gives far better control then just the screw on the TB as it helps the CTS get up to temp quick

I have recently learned that Mark III 2.0L Idle Control Valve Bosch 17451JJ work really well, and seem to be the go-to choice for a lot of peoples projects, they are however tough to come by, and new are $150 USD

I had one of my best friends build a 12v VRT which in my eyes is still to date, one of the best builds ever, and he used the fast idle from

and it was amazing, the car would warm up quick, the idle was smooth and had a total factory feel, if anyone on here has used any of these, please do chime in, would be great to have this for the community for the next person who builds their VW project!