The wife wants to replace our small entertainment center with something built in. Right now it's one of those three layer glass shelf things. She wants something nicer.

This is the closest I can find to our situation. Exterior wall on the left, two windows, on the right is a soffit/pop out/room divider thing (it's about 17" deep) to indicate the end of the great room and the start of the dining room.

Like this :
__________________Exterior Wall_____________________
|...12 "...Window.....178".....Window...12"...|_| Dinning room

When the home was built, they wired a sub connection to the left corner. This is where the sub currently sits.

Similar to the above link I was thinking about putting cabinets all the way across the front wall, then shelves on the inside of the windows (vs outside)

My question is where to put the sub? It is a 12" cube.
I heard it is a bad idea to put it in a cabinet. I was thinking about putting it right in the middle of the room facing forward in an open section of the cabinets, but that might be weird. The color we are going to go with is basically Ikea Black-Brown. I feel like the black sub would blend in a little to the cabinet color.