- The decline of road, and finding my place
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    1. 02-05-2019 10:41 AM #1
      I like to test myself out sometimes. I enjoy road and TT. It’s fast. You can really throw the power down sometimes.

      But, the road scene here sucks. One speedway crit series and no TT and maybe one road race come March.

      I can’t drive 4 hours to a road race or 6 to 8 for a TT.

      I can’t figure out what to do with myself. Just do personal bests in TT and do UGG each year and a fondo?

      I farted around on the CX course once or twice while in that part of town and turned the computer off. I’m clumsy. Yeah that stuff takes practice and has a ton of short and cheap local races. But just don’t seem to care doing laps on a tiny CX course.

      I dunno. I don’t feel like I have an outlet.

      I can drop the Raleigh hammer ride on the hills pretty hard. Carborro is too far for A++ action. I may try out Wake Forest again in spring. It’s just a bit flat and you get some solid wheel suckers in that group who cause gaps and it’s flat enough you can’t really get attacks to stick. Unless you’re a monster.

      Lots of mtb locally. I’d prefer that and gravel over CX, just afraid of hitting trees and stuff (says a person who time trial rides).

      Ughhhh. There’s always duathlon, ick. Or take a bike spot on an Ironman relay team. Meh, long tt.

      Any ideas? Anyone else feel this way?
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      02-05-2019 10:52 AM #2
      Are there any really competitive, drop group rides? Most big cities have them as basically race simulation type rides. There is one here and it is supposedly super intense. This one isn't organized by any one group, it just happens every Saturday morning.

      Check BikeReg for local races you may not know about. I'd be surprised if Raleigh didn't have a series

      For me, the last few years my schedule totally blows for races or even most group rides (little kids with activities, etc.). I try to target a few big rides each year to train for. Those rides may or may not happen. Most of my other riding is either just for fun or training. Anybody who follows me on Strava knows a lot of my routes are the same, week in and week out. Such is life with a job and other priorities.

      Edit: and some years my challenges are all internally motivated. Things like get a certain climb under 20 minutes, ride all of skyline in one day, etc. Things I can control that don't require me to follow somebody else's timeline.
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    4. 02-05-2019 11:25 AM #3
      "Worst case scenario", there's always the many group rides/races on Zwift...and maybe add an Oreka trainer to bring in a little more realism. There's something going on everyday, though i'm not sure what the scene is like during the summer. It should be more active than last summer given the jump in total users from last year. I may even be on there all summer if I have to start this new commute for work.

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    6. 02-05-2019 11:38 AM #4
      The one race sim ride I did up in Wake Forest was ok. More of just a fast group ride with a couple fruitless attacks.

      The ideal one is about an hour drive from my house. That one has guys that’ll rip my legs off.

      I’ll make it to that one this year once ir twice.

      I’m pretty sure there’s a few underground groups of 3 to 5 riders who are all Cat3 and up right near me that do something. I cannot find any info though. They probably want it that way.
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      02-05-2019 01:27 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
      I like to test myself out sometimes. I enjoy road and TT. It’s fast. You can really throw the power down sometimes.

      But, the road scene here sucks. One speedway crit series and no TT and maybe one road race come March.
      I agree that the road riding out here is pretty meh, at least compared to other places I've lived. It's flat (as in no mountains or big hills), sort of boring, and there are no summits or natural goals or anything. Throw in the increasing inclination for most drivers to not give a **** about other road users, and it's hard to justify the risk. That said, it's OK out by Jordan Lake. I'm not sure if that's exactly what you mean by "scene", but that's how I view it. I rode a lot more road, and had a lot more fun doing it, in other places I've lived. That's why for paved rides, I tend to stick to greenways. They're more fun and far less irritating than roads. You just ride.

      MTB is a good outlet. I find it to be more of a challenge than road riding. It's basically a constant interval session interspersed with full body workouts, and it's not really the kind of thing that lets you lose focus. The culture is generally way more laid back than the road side of things... not that I'm all that involved in it. On that note, you can get an idea for that by volunteering at a trail maintenance day ( I've done a few. Good people, generally.

      So yeah, I say give MTB a shot. Yeah, you might clip a tree. It happens. But like anything, you start out slow and build your way up to speed and skills. Crabtree and RTP are good beginner trails. Harris is a lot of fun as well, but a bit of a haul. You can rent a bike for not all that much cash from many of the local shops, and sometimes they'll even put that money towards a purchase. You'll learn more on a hardtail, but probably have more fun on full suspension.

      Also, let me know if you want to do another Umstead ride one of these days. We'll try to kill each other with speed. It'll be fun.

      Edit: You know there are local MTB TTs, right?
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