I am building my project and I became a bit concerned about undesired suspension issues. Here is the background. I am working with G60 chassis. I am putting in the plus suspension from VR6. G60 OEM wheel is ET33, VR6 is 43. Suspension change is 10mm so effectively they have same static scrub radius. I am going with a ET35 wheel, so 8mm further out per side. This makes me a bit concerned about the unintended change in scrub radius and therefore changing the way car handles in an unpredictable/undesired way. I began by looking for OEM scrub radius figure to get a better understanding of what that change will cause. I was not successful in finding that info. Next best thing is to use a MacPherson suspension calculator. It takes some measurements and most of them I cannot find. It does not seem to be easily measurable either. Here is the question. Any of you guys have the scrub radius value? Anyone did this before? Wanna share the measurements?

Here is the calculator I am trying to use BTW