So after a pad inspection on my Passat I’ve noticed that the front passenger side pads are worn way more than the driver side and are also worn uneven. The car has had a vibration upon breaking pretty much the entire time I have owned the vehicle. It really is only noticeable when breaking downhill, but it is VERY noticeable. It has progressively been getting worse and I am having concerns if I have to break in an emergency situation that something might fail. Downhill highway speed breaking shakes the whole damn car and is pretty loud as well. The sound is not a squeal, it is a low vibrating grunt! The car now has 75k miles and the passenger side pads need to be changed and I’m assuming I’ll need new rotors as well.
My question is, does anyone here have any knowledge of, or experienced this problem? If it is the caliper, can I loosen up and lube the caliper pistons? Or is a better idea just to replace the caliper? Also the cars front breaks have always, always squealed on low speed breaking.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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