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    1. n00b
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      Oct 31st, 2018
      12-11-2018 09:46 PM #1
      Hello dude,

      Good day to all! I'm a newbie here. I need your advice with one of my issue. I got an accident 2 months ago. I got treatment and look like everything is okey. But right now I am feeling pain in my knee. I have heard about Kratom Powder helps to recover pain. Does anyone use this kind of natural supplements yet for yourself in order to recover pain? I am little bit confused and not sure what should I do now?

      I need your reply and suggestion. Thanks in advance!

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    3. Member
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      May 10th, 2010
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      12-16-2018 06:18 PM #2
      Former pro cyclist Floyd Landis is a proponent of CBD for pain relief

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      Nov 18th, 2018
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      12-17-2018 05:10 AM #3
      Depends on the source of the pain. I use Cissus Quadrangularis for strained tendons and ligament. Works wonders. Ideal for DOMS after attempting a new movement.

    5. 06-19-2019 10:11 AM #4
      I used cbd cream to ease the pain in my shoulder after injury. Also, I tried to vape cbd oil - works well too. The article on says that the most effective way for pain relief is combining them.

    6. 06-24-2019 05:37 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by BsickPassat View Post
      Former pro cyclist Floyd Landis is a proponent of CBD for pain relief

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      Is this the same CBD made from cannabis? I am just wondering. I have heard of the CBD oil this year, but am still skeptical.

    7. Member Vee-Dubber-GLI's Avatar
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      Nov 26th, 2006
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      08-18-2019 08:52 PM #6
      While not for a major injury, I've found adding Turmeric/Curcumin along with my multivitamin has really helped curb my Tylenol/Advil/Motrin usage; no help in major injuries but things like recovering from a pulled muscle, sleeping funny, etc it works wonders for me.
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    8. Senior Member Lwize's Avatar
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      09-01-2019 02:11 PM #7
      Opioids. Best non-addictive form of pain relief.
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    9. 09-12-2019 03:07 PM #8
      People have pain in different body parts and they use the different thing for relief. People have used essential oils, herbs, and alternative therapies as natural pain relievers for hundreds of years. Some of the natural supplements are followed:
      • Lavender essential oil
      • Rosemary essential oil
      • Yoga
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    10. Yesterday 02:23 PM #9
      The best activity is to check with your doctor. Describe what you feel, when it occurs, and to what extent it's been going on. When you recognize what the reason is, you can investigate everything that would help, which may include physical therapy, exercise, and diet changes, just as supplements. Natural relief with pain are Ginger, Turmeric, Capsaicin and Valerian Root etc. These items are really powerful to relief your pain.
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